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Weekly Check-in W/O 4/17

Guess I'll do this instead of waiting all week for someone else to 🙃

Estimated Due Date / Weeks + Days:


Team Boy/Girl/Surprise:

Interesting baby fact / Baby is the size of:

Upcoming appointments:

How are you feeling?

Rants / Raves:


GTKY: What's your earliest memory?


Re: Weekly Check-in W/O 4/17

  • Estimated Due Date / Weeks + Days: Sept.11 19 weeks today! 

    FTM/STM/STM+: #3 

    Team Boy/Girl/Surprise: Surprise 

    Interesting baby fact / Baby is the size of: Mango 

    Upcoming appointments: Tomorrow Anatomy scan, 4/25 Reg OB 

    How are you feeling? Good. More energy, feeling movement, rockin’ a cute bump, weather is getting nice, Life is good. 

    Rants / Raves: see above 😁 

    Questions: nope 

    GTKY: What's your earliest memory? Dancing with my Dad in the living room. 


  • froggerbluefroggerblue member
    edited April 17
    Estimated Due Date / Weeks + Days: September 18 / 18w0d
    Team Boy/Girl/Surprise: Surprise
    Interesting baby fact / Baby is the size of: a sweet potato
    Upcoming appointments: US next week
    How are you feeling? still exhausted, still nauseated, but now I also have headaches and heartburn
    Rants / Raves: It's not getting any easier dealing with pregnancy symptoms.
    Questions: None
    GTKY: What's your earliest memory? One of my dad, when I just turned four. I'm not sure it's really the earliest one, but it's my most vivid one.
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  • Estimated Due Date / Weeks + Days:

    Sep 25 / 17w today


    Baby 3

    Team Boy/Girl/Surprise:


    Interesting baby fact / Baby is the size of:

    A pomegranate 

    Upcoming appointments:

    A/s on 5/1

    How are you feeling?

    Good! theres definitely no hiding the bump anymore 

    Rants / Raves:

    One of my coworkers is Thai, and she made some different dishes this weekend that she brought in for a few of us for lunch today. It was all so good! Apparently this baby likes some spice. 



    GTKY: What's your earliest memory?

    Picking out a present for someone (probably a cousin?) at Toys R Us

  • Estimated Due Date / Weeks + Days: Sept. 23/17+2?


    Team Boy/Girl/Surprise: Surprise

    Interesting baby fact / Baby is the size of: a pomegranate

    Upcoming appointments: 4/25 for some scan, I'm not sure what it is in English. They call it 2D here?

    How are you feeling? Furst trimester symptoms are basically gone, but I still feel like poop constantly. My preexisting back problem came back and I can't carry anything, walk up/down stairs, or really be comfortable anytime.

    Rants / Raves: Very very very frustrated with my work right now. They are fighting me on maternity leave. This is guarenteed maternity leave for 22.5 weeks, full pay. They also need to reimburse me for prenatal and delievery costs. The policies are great here, but places do whatever they can to try to trick you or decieve you into not taking leave or not getting paid. I even showed them the written legislation regarding this and they still said it's not true. I'm not an idiot!

    Questions: none

    GTKY: What's your earliest memory? I have a memory of being in a room with a colorful floor and big colored foam blocks. Very very vague memory, apparently it was my preschool at 2 years old
  • @jennaverhaeghe the weather is finally getting warmer here, too. I think it's helping me feel a bit better

    @froggerblue sorry to hear your symptoms are still there plus second trimester ones. That really sucks

    @cammie0526 In China, they have a saying kinda like "baby girl, eat spicy; baby boy, eat sour" Obviously it's not true but I love spicy and can't handle it at all anymore. So everyone here is telling me I'm having a boy. It's funny that you actually fit this saying!
  • Estimated Due Date / Weeks + Days: September 7th; 19wks + 5 Days

    FTM/STM/STM+: #2

    Team Boy/Girl/Surprise: Boy!

    Interesting baby fact / Baby is the size of: a little bigger than a mango since I’m closer to 20wks than 19

    Upcoming appointments: Anatomy Scan next week - FINALLY!

    How are you feeling? At that bittersweet stage where, other than a belly (which is bigger some days than others), I don’t really feel pregnant.

    Rants / Raves: See above - I say bittersweet because, while I do NOT miss the nausea that came with the 1st trimester this time, I wish I had more signs to reassure me that everything is OK. I feel him moving sometimes, but I don’t feel him other times. On days when my belly is smaller and/or I don’t feel as much movement, it’s hard to not panic a little. We haven’t seen him on an ultrasound since 8.5wks 🥺

    Questions: I’ll take some reassurance that not feeling constant movement is normal at 19/20wks lol but no questions!

    GTKY: What's your earliest memory? Playing Nintendo with my brother. He’s 9yrs older than me and I was very attached so he’d play normally, give me the 2nd remote (to shut me up), and tell me I was the one making Mario move lol

  • TW-stillborn mention

    Estimated Due Date / Weeks + Days: 18w today 9/19 

    FTM/STM/STM+: stm+

    Team Boy/Girl/Surprise: we're gonna do a reveal on mother's day with the kids 💙💜💚💛

    Interesting baby fact / Baby is the size of: artichoke today 😂

    Upcoming appointments: may 3rd then may 12th for u/s

    How are you feeling? All over the place lol such last week which sucked. Heartburn is finally getting under control with the new med. My massage therapist has gotten my sciatica somewhat better. I gotta go get adjusted something awful. Emotionally, I am drained. I keep telling myself that I want a girl because I am terrified of another boy that looks like my mini mooches. I would still be happy beyond belief with a boy but I am terrified of the emotions. 

    Rants / Raves: my sister in law is having some complications with her pregnancy and I worry about that too. When she was pregnant with her second, one of their cousins(my husband's and hers) that were close to became accidentally pregnant with an IUD in still. It ended in a still birth of their daughter. My sister in law is one of those snarky and self centered types and their girls were due just a week apart. I feel for the cousin cause every year for my nieces birthday, SIL gets mad they don't come for her birthday since their daughter was born 3 months early😒 then my son's funeral was the day before nieces bday and she got angry everyone would be sad for her daughters bday. So I worry if something happens to this baby that she is gonna flip because were due three months apart. And she would absolutely be the person to expect everyone to put her sadness ahead of anything. Idk what is going on but she nearly died with her second, her third was born two weeks early and had breathing problems so I'm sure it's not great. I hope nothing happens to my niece but it's a possibility and it's gonna create hell for that side of the family 😓


    GTKY: What's your earliest memory?
    I remember sitting outside my grandma's studio in the garden. I was 2 or 3. My family fought a lot and I remember it was a fight between my grandma and dad, my grandma was crying. There was a bird I threw some food too and she was pulling weeds. It is the clearest early memory I have cause I was scared I wouldn't ever get to see her again. Even though he left me there with her. 

  • Estimated Due Date / Weeks + Days: 9/2, so 20 weeks, 3 days

    FTM/STM/STM+: First baby! 

    Team Boy/Girl/Surprise: It’s a girl 

    Interesting baby fact / Baby is the size of: A banana 

    Upcoming appointments: We just had our 20 week appt last week, so next one won’t be til May 11th 

    How are you feeling?: Decent energy, really trying to get the nursery done while I can still help a little. The round ligament pain sucks though and so does back and hip pain… starting to feel like I’m 80 years old 

    Rants / Raves: Found out this weekend while I was visiting home (NJ) that my dad, step mom and step sisters aren’t coming to my baby shower (IN) because it’s “too much to travel for one day” and yet I’m the pregnant one who just traveled to visit them  

    Questions: natm

    GTKY: What's your earliest memory? Honestly I have the worst memory ever and barely remember things before elementary school. 

  • Estimated Due Date / Weeks + Days: 9/25 17w3d


    Team Boy/Girl/Surprise: Boy

    Interesting baby fact / Baby is the size of: a pomegranate 

    Upcoming appointments: 4/4 for regular OB appointment 

    How are you feeling? Tired and mild nausea but acting like I feel fine because I'd really like to be a functioning person again.

    Rants / Raves: went shopping for a spring wardrobe for DD this weekend and that felt like a big accomplishment.

    Questions: none

    GTKY: What's your earliest memory? I have some memories of moving into my parents current house when I was 2, but don't remember anything about the apartment we were living in before that, so I'm guessing that is my earliest memory.

  • @woodland26 haha your words sum up life right now, "acting like I feel fine because I'd really like to be a functioning person again."
  • Estimated Due Date / Weeks + Days: Sept 13/19w1d


    Team Boy/Girl/Surprise:SURPRISE!

    Interesting baby fact / Baby is the size of: a 19w fetus

    Upcoming appointments: tomorrow for anatomy scan and routine appt

    How are you feeling? A little sciatic pain here and there, but gloriously normal  

    Rants / Raves: our vacation was so nice, despite losing a day to food poisoning - wish we would’ve done two more days. I got my hair done before we left and I love the color, and I am hopeful spring weather is here to stay! Rant - omg getting my threenager back to her school routine this week has been brutal, it’s as if she’s completely forgotten how to listen  

    Questions: natm

    GTKY: What's your earliest memory? I got a cat for my 3rd Christmas, I don’t remember getting her per se, but very early memories of her being in our home. 

  • dogmom5dogmom5 member

    Estimated Due Date / Weeks + Days: 19w3d


    Team Boy/Girl/Surprise: surprise

    Interesting baby fact / Baby is the size of: don’t know, I never check that lol

    Upcoming appointments: just had one today

    How are you feeling? Good but tired! 

    Rants / Raves: 

    Questions: I don’t remember when I first felt movement with my others but I really haven’t felt anything yet. Anyone else? 

    GTKY: What's your earliest memory? Probably being at my great aunt and great uncles house all of the time when I was maybe 3.

  • @dogmom5 I'm about as far along as you. I do feel some light fluttering sometimes when I'm laying down (definitely not every day). I assume it's only when the baby makes some specific movements. I got to see him flailing his arms around violently on the US but didn't feel anything at all at that time, but I did feel the flip he did, although really subtly.
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