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Should you always have a baby shower?

Hi there,
 I’m pregnant with third and final baby and I just am not sure whether or not I’m supposed to have a baby shower still. Can someone please clue me in? I’ve heard that after the first you’re only supposed to have a “sprinkle” if anything at all. 

Re: Should you always have a baby shower?

  • meggymemeggyme member
    If someone offers to host a shower or sprinkle for you then go for it if you want. Otherwise I definitely would not host your own as that can come off as gift grabby.
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  • It does depend on the scenario. I’m pregnant with a surprise third baby and had just sold most of my stuff the week prior to finding out at a yard sale. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    My dear friend had a small sprinkle/dinner for me because everyone knew I was starting from scratch. We just had about 10 guests and kept it small. I still got most of the big things myself. I personally wouldn’t have wanted anything bigger than that and had she not offered, I wouldn’t have done anything myself. 

    I’m sure no matter what you will receive baby gifts. If you have most of what you need from previous kids, I wouldn’t pursue anything formal. 
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