2nd Trimester

Loose Stools - Malnutrition ?

I’m 17 weeks and since about week 14 I’ve felt lower back pain and occasional loose stools once daily. I’m now at the point where the loose stools are not occasional - they are everyday still once daily. Ive raised this to my doc and she explained that back pain is normal and chalked it up to hormonal changes. Regardless, Ive tried to figure out what in my diet might be aggrivating my system and it finally hit me today. I think it might be my prenantal which I switched to around the beginning of my second trimester that contains iron. I’m wondering if anyone else experienced this as well. I feel terrible that I might have caused malnourishment for the past few weeks while I’ve been trying to figure out the cause ! 

Re: Loose Stools - Malnutrition ?

  • So iron typically binds you up if anything. 

    Are you maintaining your weight? Eating and drinking ok? One looser stool per day is unlikely to cause malnourishment or be a sign of such. Your doc would have said something if there was concern. There are a zillion possible causes for loose stools and most are not serious. I would check in with them to make sure there aren’t more serious concerns. Any stories here are just anecdotal. 

    I hope it eases up for you, but honestly, at 28 weeks I would LOVE to have a loose stool 🤣
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