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Weekly Check-in 12/19: EDD 6/1 - 6/15

This thread is for estimated due dates (EDD) from 6/1 - 6/15.

Post your answers in the thread below 🤗

Estimated Due Date / Weeks + Days:


Team Boy/Girl/Surprise:

Interesting baby fact / Baby is the size of:

Upcoming appointments:

How are you feeling:

Rants / Raves:


GTKY: what is your favorite holiday dish?

Re: Weekly Check-in 12/19: EDD 6/1 - 6/15

  • Estimated Due Date / Weeks + Days:                 EDD 6/15/23 14w4d

    FTM/STM/STM+:      fifth baby

    Team Boy/Girl/Surprise:                                        don’t know yet, hoping for girl #2 tho

    Interesting baby fact / Baby is the size of:          baby will fit in smug. 

    Upcoming appointments: 
    next appointment is Jan 9

    How are you feeling:
    mostly good, super tired, no energy

    Rants / Raves:


    GTKY: what is your favorite holiday dish?

    I love cranberry sauce and stuffing. But I’m also looking forward to mashed potatoes this year. 
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  • Estimated Due Date / Weeks + Days: June 10, 15+2

    FTM/STM/STM+: First Time mon

    Team Boy/Girl/Surprise: Team Girl!

    Interesting baby fact / Baby is the size of: an ego waffles (mmmm waffles!)

    Upcoming appointments: Dec 30, early anatomy scan

    How are you feeling: more energy. And finally had my first true food craving yesterday - a chicken sandwich!

    Rants / Raves: I finally look pregnant! And I can stop hiding it from my students after we come back from break. But I also don’t look pregnant enough for random strangers to offer me their seats in an airport yet (currently flying out of JFK and it’s busy!)

    Questions: none right now

    GTKY: what is your favorite holiday dish? Chocolate cinnamon bears (let’s see if kidlet tolerates them this year)
  • @kalesix3 we were in a very similar situation with DS2 recently. Neither of our kids have fallen asleep on their own before age 4 (which is fine, I'm at peace with it) and between ages ~9mos-1.5, DS2 had to be walked in a carrier to fall asleep. Usually for at least 30 minutes, sometimes less sometimes more. In the last year or so, he falls asleep laying next to DH because the walking was too hard on DHs back every night. Then in the last few months he was taking over an hour to fall asleep at bedtime, and konking out quickly at naptime. But because he was taking forever to fall asleep at night, he'd sleep in, end up taking a late nap, and then repeat the cycle. DH felt like he really needed the nap still because of how quickly he would fall asleep, that he must be tired. But the pattern was getting to be too much, and since he's inching closer to 3 (in March) last week we decided to drop his nap. Or at least, we're no longer intentionally getting him down for a nap. If he falls asleep in the car after a busy morning out, we'll roll with it. But naps won't be daily anymore. My husband and I were getting so exhausted by the rigamarole to get him to sleep, so I feel your pain. I think your DS is just a few months younger? And DH definitely felt like he wasn't ready to drop naps when we first started having this problem a few months back. 🤞 something shifts and the sleep struggles get easier. It's really hard supporting your kids to sleep sometimes.
  • @hitcj4687 oh man, I can't imagine how much extra stress hosting is right now! I've hosted very small get togethers at the holidays before, always less than a dozen people including our family, and it was still 😱 everytime haha. Our house is itty bitty, but I'm not sure it would make it less chaotic if it was bigger! Just more to clean! I wish you didn't have such a big stressor on your plate 🩶 I feel like moms always get shafted with the responsibility of Christmas/holiday magic and never get much of it themselves or a moment to rest and take it in.
  • @thescarletmom our house is not big lmfao, just bigger than everyone else's in his family lol. It's just about 1400 square feet and we have nearly 20 individuals that come from his family. I just hosted Thanksgiving for them all and now Christmas. On top of that, my grandparents asked me to be in charge of new years eve this year because they are elderly and didn't want the burden this year but still wanted the party. So, I rented a large house out for new years eve since there are more like 30 people who come to that and I am not having 30 people in my home. Were in the Midwest and it's too cold to host outside, otherwise I wouldn't mind. Nonetheless, all the food prep and planning falls on me for new years now too. What have I signed up for??? 
  • @hitcj4687 20-30 people?? Goodness. We've only got 800-880 sqft and I thought I was being strangled by the dozen people in my house haha. And the food prep and planning for that many, it's all so stressful! I am absolutely a push over people pleaser type so I totally would have agreed to hosting the holidays even if I didn't really want to, but because I'm a third party to the situation I can say, sorry grandma, ask somebody who's not pregnant 😂 it sounds like you have so much on your plate, I wish I could help! But I doubt we are in the same part of the midwest haha.
  • Some of those people are children but they're still people with appetites lol. I don't know why I can't say no to these things. I always feel obligated to step in and help. If only I knew how to say no 😂😂 my house is not nearly big enough for this type of hosting yet I do it anyways! Why!?! 
  • @thescarletmom he turned 2 in October so he's still so little to go without naps, it would solve the bedtime issue though I agree. He takes 2/3 hour long naps usually so I think if we could transition down to 1.5 hours instead that would be better. That way he's more tired at night because the 11pm bedtime isn't working for me at all. 

    @hitcj4687 I'm so exhausted thinking about you having to do all that, I could never but saying no to something everyone expects you to do is so hard too. I hope it goes well and you can take the day after plenty easy and rest a bunch! 
  • @kalesix3 I'm just feeling sorry for myself even though I do this to myself lol. Usually his sisters help me clean up which is so helpful! 
  • I hope everyone pitches in @hitcj4687
  • Estimated Due Date / Weeks + Days: EDD June 12. 15w2d

    FTM/STM/STM+: third time mom 

    Team Boy/Girl/Surprise: girl!! 

    Interesting baby fact / Baby is the size of: size of a box of crayons! 

    Upcoming appointments: tomorrow! Not expecting much other than finding heartbeat on Doppler 

    How are you feeling: I’m hanging in. Super tired, especially with everyone off for holiday break

    Rants / Raves: I think I’m feeling pain from previous laparoscopic surgery. Possible scar tissue stretching? It sucks 


    GTKY: what is your favorite holiday dish? Honestly don’t know haha. My uncle makes a great MD crab soup every Christmas Eve. I’m excited for that as we are traveling home this year!
  • Estimated Due Date / Weeks + Days:
    June 3/16w4d

    STM+ (3rd)

    Team Boy/Girl/Surprise:
    Team Green/Surprise

    Interesting baby fact / Baby is the size of:

    Upcoming appointments:

    How are you feeling:
    Gassy AF, tired and a little irritable

    Rants / Raves:
    Can't wait to hear the heartbeat again on Friday and really hoping I start feeling regular movements soon?! 

    None really, just wishing I had kept track somewhere of when I felt movement with DS and DD for reference though

    GTKY: What is your favorite holiday dish?
    Not sure I have a favourite, I'm just happy to eat especially if I'm not the one cooking 
  • I didn’t put this in my check in post the other day, but I do have a question. 

    Second time moms + are you feeling baby yet?  I know for a first pregnancy it’s normal not to feel movement until closer to 20 weeks. But I really do feel like I should be feeling some movement by now since this is my 5th pregnancy.  I’m 15 weeks today, I think placenta is probably in front I don’t know lol. 
  • @Mommasay0 No and it's killing me! haha I'll be 17 weeks on Saturday and this is my third. Thankfully, I have an appt tomorrow with my midwives so they'll confirm the heartbeat again with a doppler at least and I'm going to ask if they took note of when I started feeling movement with my first two (even though I doubt it, it's worth asking out of curiosity just for reference if they do happen to know!)
  • @mommasay0 nothing yet! I'm 14w tomorrow. I did learn at my scan today that I have a posterior placenta, which I'm hoping will translate to earlier movement. Had an anterior placenta last time and didn't feel him until about 20w.
  • @potato3000 I had a period where I was noticing more consistent movement and then it changed and I'm back to barely feeling kicks. I felt movement from the outside twice and no more. It's really bugging me. I don't think I felt a single kick or poke yesterday or the day before. After Christmas I may just call in for an ultrasound. I've been wondering if this baby really doesn't move much or if it's because I'm more busy this time around but it sucks and I completely understand where you're at too. I hope the Doppler check is reassuring and that strong movement is right around the corner. I looked up my pregnancy journal with my son and I said when I was 18 weeks that all of a sudden kicks went from a 5 to a 50 overnight and were so strong and consistent. It just feels like since I felt movement earlier this time it would have already felt significantly stronger to me this time but not yet :( 
  • Estimated Due Date / Weeks + Days: June 7, 2023

    FTM/STM/STM+: first baby

    Team Boy/Girl/Surprise: surprise. Not finding out!

    Interesting baby fact / Baby is the size of: as tall as a grande iced coffee 

    Upcoming appointments: January 11

    How are you feeling: 
    tired. Anxious (awaiting results of amniocentesis)

    Rants / Raves:
    any encouragement please in regards to my results for my amniocentesis. I won’t receive results til after Christmas so it will be a long weekend. 


    GTKY: what is your favorite holiday dish?
    looking forward to Mashed Potatoes 
  • @potato3000  Thanks, I’m going crazy with feeling nothing. 
  • @peyts228 thanks, hopefully we start feeling more movement soon. 
  • potato3000potato3000 member
    edited December 2022
    @kalesix3 @mommasay04 Doppler confirmed heartbeat again today and a busy baby!

    They did actually note that I wasn't sure about having felt any movement by 16 weeks with my last pregnancy but was definitely feeling regular movement at 20 weeks. And apparently I wasn't under midwifery care until I was 26 weeks with my first. So will likely (hopefully) be feeling this LO soon being 17 weeks tomorrow but who knows! Hoping we're all feeling comforting little baby kicks and dances regularly very soon..
  • @potato3000 of that's a relief! I hope we all are too. Only a few more weeks till the halfway point! 
  • @kalesix3 ugh I’ve not been feeling many kicks lately either and I know it’s normal but I hate ittt haha. 
  • @kalesix3 @potato3000 I KNOW I didn’t feel kicks with my first until 21 weeks. And the second was around 18-20 weeks. So I was deeeelighted to feel movement early this time. But didn’t really think about how inconsistent it would be so early on. 
  • @maddmama I really thought they would be more consistent by now for me too and same, I hate it. I have so much anxiety and it's a holiday weekend too, this baby is just not bothered I guess. I hope all is well in there. Times like these I wish I had a doppler to listen to the hb. 😮‍💨
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