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Hcg level- 7 days later


So a little backstory, I have 2 toddler tornados and had an ectopic pregnancy back in May. I’m currently pregnant. With my first 2 pregnancies, my dr didn’t check my hcg (or if they did, they never told me what it was). My ectopic was the first time I knowingly got blood drawn every 48 hours-72 hours for about 3 weeks to keep an eye on everything. So the whole hcg level thing is kind of new to me still.

Anyways, I got my blood drawn last Monday and Wednesday, and again this past Wednesday.
11/28- 837
11/30- 1988
12/07- 11807

Although in the 7 days between my last 2 draws my numbers didn’t double every 48 hours, do those all still look ok? I believe I am roughly 7 weeks. I know google says between 6-7 weeks and once you’re over 6,000, your levels start to double a little slower, but it’s nice to hear from real people and not google 😅 my first scan is next Wednesday and I am so nervous.

**edited to add my doctor did not call me today to discuss the results and they are closed till Monday.
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