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Wanting to conceive but also a student

Hello, i just got married in October and my husband has already brought up trying to conceive. He is older than me by 8 years so he is beyond ready for babies, and so am I. The issue is next month I start a gruesome 2 year program to become a midwife. I thought about doing both, but mentally I don’t think I will be able yo handle it. I thought about pushing school out because I do feel ready and I received an amazing offer to work from home.

Any advice will be helpful! Thank you

Re: Wanting to conceive but also a student

  • Is there anyone currently in the program who is pregnant that you can talk to? I remember going back for my masters degree while working FT and how stressful it was. I can't imagine doing it with a newborn, but I think a lot of it depends on the workload and flexibility with schedules
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    Oh for certain keep your focus on the career option, you will regret it later if you don't. Definitely have some medial checks to be sure you are viable for pregnancy and conception and ask that your partner is too. That at least tells you that you can or can not easily get pregnant in the future
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