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Re: Randoms w/o 11/28

  • @thescarletmom it’s the worst! A salad did me dirty at 20 weeks with my second and I landed in the ER for fluids and antiemetics. It happened to be New Year’s Eve too. Im REALLY hoping avoid that this time 
  • @francesgs I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you this time that it will be different and you won't hemorrhage at all. Do you know what yours are from, does your placenta have a hard time detaching? Either way I'm manifesting a totally different situation for you this time. 

    @cassafrass123 oh no food poisoning in pregnancy sounds like a special kind of hell, I hope you're better asap and don't need a hospital stay 🤞🏻
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  • @cassafrass123 no!! Lol honestly what got me last time (I think I was somewhere around 25 weeks) was a French dip sandwich from Arby's, so I might have been asking for it a little bit. Every time we pass by that particular Arby's my husband jokes about it. Thankfully it only lasted a day otherwise I probably would have gone in to the ER too! Best of luck it doesn't get that bad again, truly nasty situation 🤞
  • @kalesix it doesn’t contract like it should. 
  • I am truly dreading my labor with this baby. My first was a c-section after 36 hours of labor and honestly my own whole soap box of trauma. I'm rooting for myself to have a vbac this time around and on paper, my likelihood of a vbac is less than 50% but the midwife said not to worry about numbers. I'm terrified to have a vaginal birth lol. But I'm terrified to have another c-section again too! So I'm just scared all around here and hoping for the best this time around! I wish all the luck and good vibes to each and every one of you to get the labor and delivery you want and am hoping for smooth sailing all around! The idea of a home birth sounds incredible to me!! 

    Welcome back @sunny_native14!! I hope you're feeling better every day! 
  • @hitcj4687 I've been there too so I sympathize with you so much. If it helps you to know, second labors often go completely differently than the first, I hope yours surprises you in the best way and is a healing empowering experience like my second one was, your midwife sounds so incredible for seeing you and supporting you. Do you have a perinatal wellness center near you where you can talk to a therapist who specializes in birth trauma to give you an opportunity to work through some of what you're going through? Or just to be heard? I don't know if I could have done labor with my second without the talk therapy I was able to do. 
  • @kalesix3 yes! My midwife just asked me if I wanted a referral at my last appointment and I'm working on getting that set up! I really hope it helps! I'm glad it was a success for you! 
  • @hitcj4687 aw, there's nothing worse than having a terrible experience that first time and worrying the exact same thing will happen to you again. It sounds like you're advocating for yourself and have a great provider on your team to protect you and your goals! I hope you get a healing and empowering second chance at birth this time 🩶
  • @thescarletmom I had to learn how to be my own biggest advocate when I realized the doctors weren't listening to me and no one was helping me, I learned how to help myself and demand what I needed from health care instead. This whole experience so far has been incredibly different for me now, knowing what I know! Thank you for the kind words! 
  • Ugh my nipt results are still processing.. I am so impatient these last couple of days! Lol 
  • @francesgs mine too! Hopefully we hear something next week!

    I decided to just go ahead and disclose my pregnancy at work, even though I waited for NIPT and NT with my last. Hiding it was just too much mental energy and I was running out of bump-hiding clothes, lol!
  • @hitcj4687 I hope it helps so much, just having someone there to hold space for you is huge and you can always talk to us on here too, we're all here for one another! 
    The balls you have to grow to stand up for the care you need after a terrible experience is no joke, I have so much solidarity for where you're at. 

    @peyts228 yay for not having to hide it anymore! 

    I got a message this morning saying my NIPT results were available but I know a week ago they told me they didn't run the tests so idk what the heck is going on 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • @hitcj4687 fingers crossed for you!!! I’m sharing in case this helps you: I had a traumatic c-section birth with my first, and also wanted a vbac so bad with second. It wasn’t in the cards for me, but surprisingly my second c-section was an incredibly healing experience. Healing can come in unexpected ways and I hope you find what you need regardless of the path your pregnancy dictates for you  <3
  • I assume this will be a third induction, and for the first time I don’t really have any feelings about that. 

    I really don’t want to do months of strict bed rest this time. Studies show it doesn’t actually help, and I don’t want to miss months of my kids lives when it’s unlikely to be helpful. I feel a little guilty that I was willing to do it for my other kid and not this one, but I think that’s because of all the guilt I got from medical professionals last time if I expressed any difficulty with bed rest/being away from my then 2 year old for weeks.
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  • @pttomato that sounds really difficult to be made to feel guilty, and I've heard the same about studies showing bedrest doesn't really affect pregnancy outcomes. You were willing to do it then because you had a different knowledge base to work from, and fewer kids. I don't think there's anything wrong with making a different choice now under different circumstances, nor do I think it means you're not willing to do whatever you have to for this baby 🩶 
  • @pttomato Just typed out a super unnecessary response because I’m apparently triggered by this topic. I’ll just say this, please don’t feel guilty! You make the best choice for each child with the information you’re given at the time. 
    I’ve been guilted into bedrest before when it was not needed, and made to feel responsible for miscarriages over and over, and this time around I am ONLY listening to my body. I think for me too much rest is not helpful unless my body is telling me to rest right then, and also the stress from that was crippling and that’s terrible for the baby!
    This time I’m dumping all the guilt tripping that has happened in the garbage and ignoring certain family members “concerns”. 
    It’s just too much. 
    Dang it I think I ranted again. 
    I think I’ve been ranting too much on here lately it’s getting annoying. 😬😬
  • @monkey_mcfee congrats!! What a huge milestone for you! 
  • @monkey_mcfee congratulations!! That's awesome! 
  • I hate that the bump uses 13 weeks as the end of the first trimester because I've always been told and used 12 weeks as the last week, so it's throwing me off when the bump talks about it differently
  • kalesix3kalesix3 member
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    @thescarletmom I hate it. I always used 12 weeks before too, I hate the unnecessary change😩
    *Edited because I'm tired and .y reading comprehension is awful today lol 
  • @kalesix3 I absolutely still plan to say I'm in the second tri as of Wednesday when I hit 13 weeks so it's not going to stop me, just vaguely irritating lol
  • Oh off topic @thescarletmom but last night I had a dream about my friend who's due in February, also team green haha but I dreamed that she'd had her baby and he was a boy and in my dream I told her omg congratulations, you have another boy and I have another girl.. but the thing is in my dream I was still very much pregnant soo not an official gender dream but it's got me thinking today because the confidence I told her I had "another girl".. kinda sus ngl 

  • I have really gotta start learning to put snacks on my bedside table. Mornings are now a fun cycle of feeling nauseous so I lay in bed but the nausea is from hunger but I don’t want to get up to make food because I feel nauseous hahah. Feeling mega lazy these days
  • @bridgettetheboxer same! Most mornings I just procrastinate knowing I’m probably making it worse. 😬😬 But if I don’t move a muscle most of the time nausea doesn’t kick in for at least 20 minutes and if I stand up it’s immediate. Ugh. I need to be a big girl 😭
  • maddmamamaddmama member
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    @kalesix3 @thescarletmom I had a dream the other night of my anatomy scan where they very clearly pointed out to me it’s a boy. I CANNOT contain myself waiting for these NIPT results!! 

    Also yeah I have no idea if I’m 1st or 2nd tri at 13 weeks haha ugh 
  • thescarletmomthescarletmom member
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    @maddmama I take dreams about baby's sex sooo seriously like that would be it for me 😂 I would all but start telling people baby is a boy haha. With both my boys, I had a dream where my baby was wearing pastel blue pants and that was my sign.

    I consider 13 weeks the start of the second trimester but I also don't think it reaaally matters? So many things hinge on the 12 week mark, like decrease in miscarriage risk, etc. It just makes the most sense for me that that's the dividing line! And it's what my midwife uses so it's my personal preference.
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