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Weekly Check-in Nov 28


Re: Weekly Check-in Nov 28

  • @ttc3y that’s good to know, though I’m not excited about the prospect of 4 more days in here. I did my best to work from home last week, but I’m a bench researcher, so once I’m out of data analysis, I can’t reasonably do much from home. It’s just frustrating, but I’m also not going to return to work too early and get everybody else sick. If it comes to taking unpaid time at the end of maternity leave or shortening my maternity leave, we can manage, but it’s definitely stressful trying to rearrange our plans based on losing a week+ of PTO in the last 2 months. 

    I wish we had a better system to support new parents, because I know I’m lucky to even have the leave I do, and that’s wild.
  • @fertile-turtle I agree. The US offers very little  support for maternal health and families.  As someone who recently entered the world of entrepreneurship, I’m fortunate to have a husband to provide financial security and health insurance since I don’t have any “maternity leave” option. I just have to cut my losses and not earn money as I recover from labor and delivery and postpartum. 
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