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  • pttomatopttomato member
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    I’m kind of looking forward to the bigger age gap. My oldest will be almost 7 this time. My first 2 are 2.5 years apart and I found that pretty rough, granted my first has always been a very “spirited” child.

    We told the kids on Thanksgiving we worked into our discussion of things we are thankful for. We also told our families, mine took it better than I expected so far, I figure the kids will tell everyone else for me. 😂
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  • potato3000potato3000 member
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    This pregnancy wasn't planned so obviously the age gap wasn't either but I'm actually relieved this didn't happen earlier because I think it'll be easier (relatively speaking ha) than having a third with a baby and a toddler or with a toddler and a preschooler. I think we'll have two pretty great little helpers with this baby (DS will be almost 9 and DD will be 6) -- for the most part 😉

    ETA -- I do worry a bit about the sibling connection with this baby being a little strained with the age gap from our first two but I also know it doesn't necessarily mean they won't be close. Just like a smaller age gap doesn't necessarily mean they will/would be close
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  • @potato3000 we were also not trying to get pregnant. DH was pretty heavily on the side of being done, but I wanted to keep our options open for a third baby maybe a few years from now (I came from a big family and only having 2 kids was a big compromise for me). However, I had started to accept that the likelihood was DH would only feel more and more done over time, so our family was probably "complete" even if I hadn't closed the door. And my fear of that increasing age gap, especially between DS1 and a baby, definitely played a factor in that. But then none of that mattered because I got surprise pregnant anyways haha. I totally understand where you're coming from though. 
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