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Standing in Crib

So my daughter is 11 months now and she’s standing up in her crib. The mattress is lowered as low as it will go and we have crib bumpers but they don’t cover the side railings completely on the lowest mattress setting so she grabs the railing and stands. I don’t want her to fall back and hit her head on the crib sides, so do I buy double bumpers to cover all the railing sides? Do I get a crib tent? Is it time to move her to a floor bed? What do I do??

Re: Standing in Crib

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    The safest option would be to remove the crib bumper you have now, do not get another, and do not get a tent. The danger of a bump from hitting the rail is not as serious as the danger of suffocation. She'll be getting plenty of head bumps soon as she learns to walk; she'll be ok!
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    At 11 months old, it's common for babies to start standing in their cribs. While crib bumpers can pose suffocation risks and are generally not recommended, there are safer alternatives. Instead of adding more bumpers or a crib tent, which can also be unsafe, consider transitioning your daughter to a floor bed. This can prevent falls and give her a safe space to explore. Ensure the room is baby-proofed and free of hazards. If you're not ready for a floor bed, you can place soft mats or a rug around the crib to cushion any potential falls. Always supervise her closely during this transition phase.
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    nken20nken20 member
    I remember I had the same concern before with my son. I think he's 10 months at that time. Fortunately, my MIL told me to accept the fact that he will get bumps here and there before learning to walk, so everything is okay, according to her. Well, I trusted her and it was true.
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