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  • Finally got my results back! All low risk and we are having a girl! My husband is so excited and I think it’s adorable!
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    Our results came back normal and we are having a girl! Too bad I got rid of all our gender neutral and girl clothes.
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  • Is there anyone who has gotten abnormal/positive results on their NIPT test?
  • @knottie not personally, but I have a friend whose NIPT indicated downs syndrome. Her son does have downs, and he is now a sweet and happy toddler.
  • @cassafrass123 any results results yet?  We got the blood draw on the same day, I’m so anxious to know the results. I’m hoping by next Wednesday maybe?  
  • Do you know what her % was? 
  • @peyts228 do you know what her percentage was on her NIPT test?
  • @knottie I don't know, but I remember that with the info from the NIPT and the NT ultrasound, they were fairly certain of the diagnosis by the time she was 12 weeks or so. 

    Wishing you luck with any tests that lie ahead!
  • @peyts228 thanks so much. Our NT came back clear. awaiting amnio results now. 
  • Results are in, all is low risk baby is a BOY!  I will be the mom of 4 boys and 1 girl
  • @mommasay04 results are back and low risk. We’re having a girl! So we will have 3 girls and 1 boy
  • @krnadoptee our family is the opposite, with a ton of boys and everybody wants this baby (our third) to be a girl very badly. Like, excessively. I love my sons and would be over the moon for a third little mama's boy! It's always so irritating when other people push a gender expectation on your kids for whatever lame reason. The family "already having girls/boys" is not a good enough reason. 
  • @cassafrass123 we bought our first baby boy outfit today. I was 150% certain I was having a girl so I was really surprised to be having a boy. 
  • My MIL was so pushy about our second being a boy (because she only had granddaughters) that I was kind of disappointed that he did end up being a boy so they got what they wanted, a boy “to carry on the family name.” 🙄
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  • My maternal blood screening (not NIPT) came back with a slightly elevated risk of down syndrome (1/325 or 0.3% is low risk, mine was 1/278 or 0.4%) so I got an early anatomy scan done yesterday and they said baby looked great (they were moving around lots, I still feel nothing though ha) and measurements didn't indicate any soft markers which reduces the risk by 50% and puts me back at low risk so I opted out of amniocentesis (which would be covered here) and the NIPT (which isn't covered and costs $550CAD). 

    The tech said baby was very cooperative when she was checking the lower body so she was confident she knew the gender from yesterday's scan but I resisted the urge to find out so we're still Team Green 💚
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