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I recently received my results back &’ Im truly happy about the outcome .. everything came back negative &’ im expecting a baby boy on June 4, 2023 💙

- any other boy moms? Share your results &’ how many actually had the test and had the sane results at birth? 


  • I'm an genuinely happy for you. Congratulations on your negative results and the news you are expecting a boy.

    I have joined The Bump and this community specifically for this thread. I have had a highly manageable pregnancy so far, no major symptoms other than extreme exhaustion paired with a seemingly uncontrollable appetite. I am not a nervous or anxious person by any means, but after taking the NIPT yesterday I felt the need to find a current community that is also awaiting results. My interests here lie to three main categories: 1. Autism: My brother and my husbands' brother both have autism. 2. Downs Syndrome: Down's syndrome runs in my husbands family (or so we have been told, yet have never met a family member on his side with DS). 3. My uncle, my fathers' brother, has cerebral palsy.

    Lastly, just for fun, I feel as if we are having a boy and somewhat secretly hope this to be true. Would you share your story of if you thought you were having a boy or girl? Also, would you share how long you waited for your results and if you were called or looked at the site for the information?

    Strangely enough, my whole adult life 18+, I have felt I would have one child and it would be a boy. My husband and I have definitively decided on one child (we also know we are having a singleton from the Doppler yesterday), now I am just privately day dreaming of if it's a boy or girl. I didn't know I would be so interested or invested in the answer until my blood was drawn for the NIPT yesterday.
  • @expectingmommyof2 congratulations! My first is a boy and his NIPT results were accurate 😊

    @babysmitjboston just want to reassure you that it is totally normal to be nervous or impatient about NIPT results, and many of us can relate. I also just want to make sure you have clear expectations: NIPT can screen for chromosomal differences like Down Syndrome or Trisomy, but NIPT can't tell you whether your child might have autism or cerebral palsy. Both of those conditions are diagnosed in infancy or even early childhood. Just want you to know the limits of the test!
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  • @peyts228 Congratulations! This is again thrilling to me, I sincerely enjoy hearing other peoples' good news. :)

    Thanks for the clarification and reassuring words, I am only referencing the little knowledge science has about Fragile X and its' link to autism. My brother was not diagnosed with autism until 2.5 when he began to show symptoms.

    Regarding having a boy, did you think you were going to have a boy or girl? Any fun or interesting story to share about it?
  • @babysmithboston with my first I truly had no hunch. NIPT told us boy, and then he made a big show of flashing the goods during his 20 week scan lol. With this pregnancy I have no clue! I'm only 8w5d, so my NIPT draw is a few weeks away.
  • I just had my draw done today. I didn't have it done with my first born. I had a dream a week before the anatomy scan with my first that he would be a boy, and he was! With this baby I have no hunch at all!! When I talk about the baby, I notice I say "he" but I think that might be because I've only had a boy and it's what I know. There's a little voice that keeps thinking girl, but when I imagine opening the gender results I keep picturing boy.  So I guess I'm leaning towards thinking it's a boy! I should have results in a week or two! 
  • I hope other mothers will flood this thread with their results. I registered my NIPT kit too early but I don't think it has an negative effects, I had the blood draw Tuesday afternoon and hope Natera will have received the kit by Friday. I have scoured the internet for information and the consensus seems to be that most people will receive their results quite quickly, in under 7 business days. I'm thrilled to think I will know by December 1.
  • @babysmithboston my DHs mother has cerebral palsy as well. It's the only family history we have for something the NIPT might pick up and we chose not to do it. We already know we'll have a level 2 ultrasound for our anatomy scan/many eyes on baby to check for a rare congenital kidney disease my DH has. And personally I'm just very very low testing/intervention in pregnancy generally so that's a big factor too. I hope you get comforting results of a healthy babe!

    As far as gut instinct to what baby's sex is and being right or wrong... with my first two, I had a dream in my first trimester where I had a baby wearing blue pants. They felt very mothers intuition to me, so I had a feeling they were boys. Then when I had my 20wk anatomy scan with my first, they said girl! I figured the dream was nothing and moved on. Two weeks before I gave birth,  I woke up from a dream that it was a boy again and turned to my partner and said... what if the baby's not a girl? Lo and behold, today I have two sons haha. I always trust my baby dreams now! At 10+ weeks I've got nothing this time around yet... can't wait for that first dream and to feel like I have any inclination one way or the other. Right now I have nothing to go on!
  • I don’t get mine drawn until December 13th. My intuition was wrong with my first and third, but right with my second. I feel like this one’s another girl but we’ll see!
  • I got the blood draw for it on the 7th and I'm still waiting for the results but I don't know if I'll have the courage to open the email and potentially have the sex spoiled for me. They said they marked on there that I didn't want to know but I'm still afraid of a mess up. It's my first time ever getting a NIPT screen, the place I started out my care with when I was pregnant last time didn't offer it at all. 
  • Did your ins cover it guys? How does it work? I would loooove to have it done if it’s just a blood draw. 
  • @annemarie96 it's just a blood draw. My insurance will cover it this time because I'm 35+. My first pregnancy I had to fight them to cover it, but they did eventually.
  • My insurance did not cover it and I'm just about to turn 34.

    Natera received my kit yesterday, Friday. They state in a notice that I should expect to wait 2 weeks for the Horizon Screen Scan results and 3 weeks for the Panorama. Considering everywhere I've looked online is more like 5-7 business days, I'm still hopeful I'll know by December 1.
  • I had my blood drawn on a Wednesday 11/9 and got my results (Natera) the following Friday 11/18!  Everything came back normal. My gut and dreams were telling me baby boy for weeks and I was shocked to find out I’m having a baby girl 💖🥰
  • I get my draw tomorrow ❤️
  • @mamababyschulz Congratulations on everything coming back normal! :) Wonderful! It's thrilling how rapidly you received the results. Did you access the results directly through the Natera portal or via your doctor?

    How do you feel about a girl after mental/emotional investment and dreams about a boy? Both my husband and I feel so powerfully that it's a boy, leaving me a touch regretful that we have put little time into pondering on life with a girl. We have not even discussed a girl name.
  • I just received the bill via email today:

    1,413.00$ with insurance, deductible option
    349.00$ self-pay non-insurance option
  • @sunny_native14 congratulations 🎉 you sound like my boyfriend lol after 3 girls he finally has his boy .. welcome to the boy lol club ‘ we are super experienced with girls already lol 💙✨
  • @babysmithboston Aw, you guys were right!
  • Wow our group has a lot of boys so far!

    I did the panorama test on Tuesday. Hoping it doesn’t take too long.. I’m so anxious to see if everything’s ok. 
  • I still don't have my results back and I'm stressed about it, even MFM told me it's dragging out abnormally long... Ugh I hope it's not because it's terrible news. Maybe my sample got lost or ruined or something 🧐 I did my blood draw in Nov 7 so I feel I should at least know something by now. 
  • @abilbro that would not sit with me hahah I NEED THE DETAILS 
  • I agree with @maddmama ! I would be freaking out calling them up and demanding details. 
  • I found my results. Because my insurance is stupid, I had to go somewhere else for the ultrasound sound. So the pictures + report were accessible through a different patient portal.
  • still waiting for results, blood draw was 12/13 so I should get them soon I think. Probably next week. 
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