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What my Pregnant Self is Eating - November


Re: What my Pregnant Self is Eating - November

  • @kalesix3 yay! I had the same experience with my roast this weekend! I've happily eaten the leftovers for lunch the last two days as well. Usually I make pot roast with the potatoes in with the roast, but it's not my husband's favorite way to eat potatoes. So I decided to make mashed this time to go under the roast and other veggies. I went all out with the heavy cream and our good butter.... *chefs kiss* 🤌
  • @thescarletmom I made pork tenderloin in the crockpot today with a brown sugar balsamic glaze and I did mashed potatoes on the side as well! I also went all out with the good butter and heavy cream and added some freshly shredded parmesan too!!! Ugh it was really freaking good. Even my son was a big fan!
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  • I made beef stroganoff and it sounded so good but I could not stomach eating the beef… so I ate the sauce over white rice and it’s been so good. I’m sad my beef aversion seems to be coming back again. I had it with my last pregnancy too. 😩 I’ve been wanting sautéed zucchini and onions with like teriyaki sauce so I may make that soon.  
  • Okay y'all I have new cravings now 😂 

    @hitcj4687 fresh parm in the mashed potatoes sounds to die for. I never thought to add shredded cheese to mashed potatoes until I got it in one of our hello fresh meals and it was incredible?? I've tried cheddar and mozz but never parm! Must try!

    @francesgs oh no! The protein aversions are so hard. Chicken is my mainstay (I'm not a huge fan of beef, pork, or fish 90% of the time) but I simply can't eat it, the texture makes me gag! I'm sorry you couldn't eat the meal you made! I instantly had hibachi grill flashbacks with the sautéed zucchini and onions talk, I love grilled veggies! Especially hibachi style. 
  • @hitcj4687 okay now that sounds amazing. 

    I feel so silly for saying this but I have been CRAVING pop tarts (still) and cottage cheese. haha!  Two things I NEVER ate before this pregnancy. I ate legit an entire big tub of cottage cheese in two days and went to the store yesterday for more.  I can not get enough.  
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  • @ReadyForaB pregnancy cravings can be so funny. I don't usually get cravings for things I never want, but I know tons of people whos food preferences completely shift for a while! And what is it about cottage cheese where either you have zero desire for it or you have an insatiable need? Either I haven't even thought about cottage cheese in years, or me and the tub spend an entire evening together haha.
  • @ReadyForaB I LOVE cottage cheese!! Always have and I find I love it during this pregnancy even more than normal lol. As well as string cheese. I think just a nice simple protein is not a bad thing here!
  • @hitcj4687 String cheese has been one of my go-to's! That and yogurt tubes for the sweet/salty hits of protein haha. I just bought a small tub of cottage cheese to change it up for a bit though -- and missed putting away the bag of groceries with the cottage cheese in it while it sat at the door for a couple hours last night so now I'm wondering if I should eat it at all...
  • Also, KD and hotdogs with cold, crispy veggies and dip on the side was just perfection for me for lunch today haha
  • @potato3000 technically past 2 hours, you're supposed to toss it. If it was much past that, my advice would be to toss it 
  • My trusty "eat whatever sounds good" trick is all used up it seems. Back to vomiting basically once a day even with my meds 🙃 
  • @thescarletmom 😭 Sorry to hear that! It sounds miserable. 
  • @annemarie96 I'm hoping it's short lived because the bump says hcg peaks at 9wks and can make symptoms a lot stronger before leveling out, so 🤞 I only have a few more days of this and then can leave it behind in week 10!
  • @thescarletmom oof that's so rough, I'm sorry, I really hope it's just a few more days and it gets better by next week, you're almost there! 🤞🏻🤞🏻 
  • Also I think I jinxed myself the other day when I mentioned I hadn't felt lightheaded or dizzy like I did with my last pregnancy. 
    I'm pretty sure it was a blood sugar crash but all of a sudden cooking lunch I almost passed out, pricky neck, sweating and clammy, tunnel vision and everything started to go black but I went and sat on the couch and put an ice pack on my neck and it didn't take me all the way out. 
    It was really scary though and I'm still shaky from it. 
    I got some protein once I could eat again and now I'm just drinking my giant fruit smoothie that my partner doordashed for me. 
  • @kalesix3 blood sugar dropping is sooo scary! I've struggled with hypoglycemia my whole life and so it's not new to me in pregnancy, but it happens so much easier. I hate the impending doom feeling it gives me. I'm glad you were able to sit and fend it off!
  • @thescarletmom wow you're a superhero, I don't know how anyone deals with hypoglycemia, that sounds so scary. I'll probably just need to make sure I eat a more balanced breakfast in the morning and hopefully it doesn't happen anymore. Ugh. I didn't worry much last time but now I have a toddler, I can't just be passing out randomly 🙄
  • @kalesix3 I've passed out a couple times home alone with DS1.... sweet angel boy has unfortunately watched DH enough that now if it happens he just sits right by me until I wake up. It's definitely scary and would freak me way more with my 2.5 year old than my 6 year old. It's one of those things where I contribute to my own problems though haha because a lot of the times afterwards I'm like oh yeah, I don't think I've eaten yet today at 3pm. So easy for me to forget meals when I'm busy with the kids (feed them but not me) or skip them because I get a queasy stomach easily. 
  • @thescarletmom oh my goodness how scary, I'm so glad everyone was okay when it happened. I'm kind of lucky because I did baby led weaning with my son and now he won't eat meals unless I eat too, snacks he's okay with eating alone, popsicles etc but he knows when mealtime is and he refused to eat unless I sit and eat too, even if I eat something different because of nausea, or I just pick at food because I'm really sick, he's like sit your butt down and eat with me right now lol, so it helps me to remember. Before he started solids though I would skip meals left and right and then my milk supply would start to plummet and stress me out so I put a reminder on my phone to make sure to have 1 meal at least 😭 it's so hard as a mom! 
  • @kalesix3 for better or worse, my body would sooner let me waste away than stop producing milk lol. I could eat a handful of goldfish crackers in a whole day and still pump like 14oz in 20 minutes. I try to be better about it because I know our kids notice more than we think. It's just such a hassle sometimes! We did BLW too and DS2 was like that for a while, where if we tried to serve him lunch without also eating or sat him and DS1 down at the table with a *mostly ready* dinner while we finished up rolls or something, he simply would not eat. Now he doesn't really care if we eat, but it's his favorite thing in the world to serve everyone at the table so you're getting a plate regardless haha. One of our most frequent (pre pregnancy at least) meals was chicken breast, roasted zucchini, couscous, and crescent rolls and he will happily scoop everyone some couscous and veggies and carefully set a roll on your plate. It is literally the sweetest thing, it's one of my favorite things about him. 
  • Your kids sound so sweet guys, mine can barely wait for their plate to be in front of them, and then they start scooping food into their mouths like cavemen. We’re working on it. 🤣 They couldn’t care less who’s in the room. They eat like little teenage athletes or something. 
  • I may or may not have had my sons leftover Mac n cheese for breakfast this morning. 
  • @annemarie96 the secret is that my kids are not food motivated at all haha. They have tiny appetites like me and DH, so eating is rarely something they're just dying to do (unless DS1 sees Pringles somewhere and then he'll try to eat a whole can by himself). Sometimes I wish my kids were more interested in food, I worry about how little they eat some days! But I also don't put too much stock in that worry. Some people's bodies need more, some need less! I'm trying to be at peace with it being that simple but hard with your own kids. 
  • @thescarletmom my body will do that too as long as my periods haven't returned, that's how I pumped and donated so much, I didn't have to be strict with anything nutrition or hydration wise to have the most glorious oversupply but then my cycle finally came back and my body decided it couldn't menstruate and lactate unless I ate like 3000 calories a day which of course wasn't sustainable because I was miserable force feeding myself. I discovered moringa and it helped a ton but it was so late by the time I found it, I think it would have helped more earlier on. 

    @annemarie96 I'm sure my little guy will hit his athlete appetite era in time! He is a fantastic eater and he has a good appetite but he still waits because he's into rules and order 😂
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