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Weekly Symptoms Thread 10/24

How are you guys feeling this week? :)

Re: Weekly Symptoms Thread 10/24

  • I’ll go first. I’m having quite a bit of cramping every morning and today it’s wrapping all around my back and I’m just so so sore and achy everywhere! Is anyone else feeling something similar? It makes me nervous but it’s consistently the first half of every day and then calms down. I’m only 6 weeks tomorrow, so I know crampyness is normal but wow! It is so painful it’s hard to believe everything’s fine. 🤣
  • getting getting short tempered more easily I’ve noticed (as has my fiancé 😂). Lower back pain occasionally and continuing to only be able to sleep for 6 hours at night before waking up and struggling to get back to sleep. Only had a couple really bad nausea days, but assuming that will return since I’m only 5weeks4days. 
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  • This is my first baby so I’m like researching everything like crazy.

    I feel extremely tired and nauseous pretty much all day. No vomiting yet, but I think that’s normal. I’m 7w today.
    The funniest symptom was yesterday my husband and I were at Sam’s and I really wanted strawberries, but they were all moldy. So right there in front of everyone I cried. And I couldn’t stop crying.
  • @mindfulmomma2022 most of us have been there! I feel like a toddler when I’m pregnant. So many tears!!!
  • So one weird symptom I have been having is a metallic/bad taste in my mouth all the time! It’s starting to drive me a bit crazy and does not help with the nausea. I have seen online that it is normal but have never heard of it before. Has anyone else experience this?
  • 7 weeks.  No symptoms other than cold that will just NOT go away.  And I am pretty tired. 
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  • @sbaby2023 yes I get the metallic taste symptom with my pregnancies too, it makes water taste super disgusting! I hate it.

    Y'all, my HG has really taken a turn for the worst. I'm 7w on Wednesday and I've been on a leave of absence from work for a week. I can barely get out of bed, still occasionally vomiting even with unisom+b6 AND zofran. I'm constantly nauseated and the smell of food makes it worse so it's practically impossible to eat. I've had IV fluids just to keep me hydrated 3 times in the last week and nothing is giving me any sort of relief. I don't have an appt with my midwife until right after Halloween, but we've been discussing ideas of how to help. I hope we find a plan that works soon so I can go back to work and actually spend time with my kids 😭 I had hyperemesis with the other 2, but medication helped and I was able to control symptoms that way. I am just totally blown away by how much worse it is this time. Anybody else ever had HG? Please commiserate with me, it's so isolating and awful.
  • Everything tastes salty to me. Can’t get enough water or sleep. Had a cold that hung around for a week. Today my left side hurts. Have ultrasound this week hopefully it’s found in the right place!
  • First tri exhaustion plus nausea over here. The thing that's really throwing me off this time around is trying to manage symptoms with a toddler at home. I have an almost-2yo who doesn't understand when I'm not feeling well. And he certainly won't let me lie down for 30 seconds, lol!

    @thescarletmom I hope you get some relief soon! I've never had HG but I know how tough it is--sending support your way!
  • @thescarletmom I'm so sorry to hear that the medications aren't helping this time around, that sounds so hard. 

    I'm just having major exhaustion and trying so hard not to snap (and or cry) at the tiniest thing. One new symptom (don't remember this in my other 2 pregnancies) is feeling super light headed...like have to sit down and even then it feels like the room is still spinning. It's awful and I really hope it goes away soon. 
    On a positive note, my light spotting has completed stopped! This has helped my anxiety immensely 
  • I just got over covid, that was rough. I have nausea that comes and goes, a few food aversions.  I'm tired, I get dizzy. Still having very vivid dreams every single night. My breasts aren't very sore like they were with my first born. I have some cramping that comes and goes, but overall I'm fairly comfortable so far. 
  • Breasts are aching and look bigger already. Belly bloat increases throughout the day. I look 3 months pregnant after dinner. 

    Sleeping great at night. No need for sleep medicine- and I’m an insomniac! Lots of vivid dreams which I kind of enjoy. 
  • My nipples are so sore! I also ate an apple this morning that tasted like that gross OJ after brushing your teeth taste. It made me sad lol
  • I have a nasty cold too!! I’ve tried everything and it’s driving me crazy. 
  • @sunny_native14 I get lightheaded too especially if I haven't been drinking much water or eaten recently. Thankfully it usually passes pretty quickly. 

    @peyts228 pregnant with a toddler is doubly exhausting. I try to find a "special" activity to bring out when I'm feeling my worst (big cardboard box, interesting kitchen utensil like chip clips or the tongs (seriously, my kids are weird))

    Right now biggest symptom is non- interested in food. I don't feel hungry. Nothing sounds good to eat. I don't want to meal plan or cook. Which is a problem because the 4 of us have to eat. Every day. Multiple times. lol

  • @ksdelong20 I'm with you! I normally love to cook and meal plan but nothing is appetizing in the evenings. During the day I'm more hungry and food is more appealing but in the evening I don't want to cook and nothing is appealing at all! I've put off making real dinner 2 nights in a row now
  • @thescarletmom oh no, I'm so sad for you. I've never had HG but when I was younger I had this thing where if I got sick with any sort of stomach bug I'd start throwing up and wouldn't be able to stop for a long time, it would get worse and worse until I was just heaving my guts out every five minutes for anywhere from 12 to 36 hours, so I know some of what you're experiencing, just not days and weeks at a time. I really hope you can come up with a plan and get some care sooner and get back on track to feeling better. Sending tons of virtual hugs your way ❤️

    New things for me are bruising like crazy, I had the same thing last time so it shouldn't be shocking but I didn't remember it getting this bad. 
    I'm also still freezing cold constantly. I thought it was from hypothyroid even though my TSH wasn't that high, but my bloodwork yesterday indicated it's even lower now that I'm pregnant and I'm still so cold so I don't know what's causing it really. 
    I also randomly lost 10 pounds which I wasn't expecting but it's nice. 
  • Feelings of exhaustion are coming and going. Today was great honestly and was slightly weird that I kinda forgot I was pregnant for a second. Get the nightly pulling feeling cramps like stretching almost that take my breath away for a sec then it’s gone. 

    Lots of waterrrr. Thankful I’m not nauseous yet.. knock on wood 😂

  • @kalesix3 were you ever diagnosed with cyclical vomiting? My sister had it as a kid, and DS1 had it (seems to have grown out of it thank god). Basically it's just this thing where (usually) a child has vomiting episodes that have predictable cycles. So like one episode with DS, he vomited every 20 minutes like clockwork for around 10 hours. Of course after the first two or three there's nothing left and you're just spewing stomach acid 😓 for about 2 years it happened to him every 3 or 4 months randomly, always starting in the middle of the night. He didn't have any stomach bugs, but I could totally see how someone would think one of these episodes was one, especially if their episodes were longer. Kids with much worse cases than his could have episodes lasting days! But it's awful, I totally feel for you too!

    Anyone else absolutely disgusted by the smell of cooking meat? Like whole body shudders haha. 
  • @thescarletmom I never did get diagnosed sadly as my parents were extremely anti doctor and I was almost never taken in for medical care, one time I did go in, as a teenager and the ER Dr thought it was hyperemesis gravidarum. Once they found out I wasn't pregnant they really had no explanation, which is a bummer. It could have been cyclical because everytime it would happen it would follow the exact same timeframe. It would start further apart and then get closer together until it was 5-2 minutes around the clock, but my other siblings would be sick and throwing up too so I really think it was triggered by sickness. Anyways I outgrew it too in my later teens and haven't gotten a stomach virus again to see if it would trigger anything, I feel like my all day morning sickness should trigger it but it doesn't so I probably have outgrown it for good. When I was puking so much this weekend from traveling I was puking up stomach bile and blood from my raw throat and I gave myself a panic attack from the bad memories. Thankfully the episode passed after awhile but you're really strong, I don't think mentally I'd be able to handle HG 💔 I sure hope something works soon and you can feel better. 
  • Also yes to the smell of meat. I can't stand it. The taste, smell, texture, it's all absolutely horrible. I'm basically a vegetarian at this point. 🤢
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    @thescarletmom I had it like that from weeks 6-9 exactly with my first. I lost so much weight and literally felt like I was dying. By the end of the 3 weeks I couldn’t stand up pretty much. Almost every bite of anything or even a tiny sip of water would come back up. It was like a violent flu. 
    I cannot imagine having that any longer than I did. I hope so much it goes away for you soon!!! 
    For me it went away over the course of like 2 days. Very suddenly. So who knows what will happen? ❤️
  • @kalesix3 that sounds so terrible oh my goodness. I can see why you had a panic attack. Any idea of that happening again would be traumatic. Yikes. 😭
  • @annemarie96 that sounds horrible and so terrifying how bad it got, I'm really glad after 9 weeks it just went away, I bet that was the biggest relief ever 😭 
    Yes I am very relieved that it didn't get worse the other night! 
  • It’s week 4-5 for me. I have ALL of the GI issues - constant bloating, gas, etc. mild cramping. Elevated heart rate. Mild spotting that has resolved. Insomnia. Heightened smell. Woof!
  • @annemarie96 oh I'm so glad it went away for you! Honestly it's been 3 weeks now and it feels like it's been months, so I'm sure your 2 weeks were more than enough misery for you too. I've lost 3lbs this week already! With my other two I was sick until 20-25 weeks so I don't expect this to be any different in length 😞 but my midwife and I are still trial and erroring and I'm slowly getting a bit more energy/normalcy back. I'm only vomiting once or twice a day now! The nausea is pretty constant but it's more bearable. 

    @kalesix3 oof, that's awful. All of Jasper's episodes were traumatizing for both us and him. He was so little (2.5-4.5) AND it was in the middle of the night, so I'd doubt if he has any memories of it, but he still is straight up terrified of the idea of vomiting if he gets a tummy bug. I'm sure it's a very visceral fear for you too, ugh I'm sorry.

  • @thescarletmom oh for sure, even just normal vomiting is so traumatic for little kids. My son had terrible reflux and threw up so much until we got his tongue tied revised and I was afraid he'd have the same thing as me but so far so good 🤞🏻 
    It's weird because sometimes I wonder if my morning sickness doesn't get worse because I have so many aversions to avoid throwing up, but when I don't throw up I worry about miscarriage because it could be worse. And then I do throw up and I just get anxious that it will get really bad and out of control. Basically there's no winning with my brain 😂 I'm really hoping your HG keeps getting more manageable and the trial and error is fruitful! I've got all my fingers crossed for you! 
    You've probably already tried everything but just in case, have you tried getting acupuncture? 
  • @kalesix3 I'm so needle phobic I would rather die than do acupuncture 😂 but I have tried acupressure. 
  • @thescarletmom oh nooo! I completely understand, acupressure is also really awesome though! 
  • If it helps, I barely feel the needles when I got it done because the needles are so much smaller than shot or blood draw needles but I completely understand it's the idea of it! 
  • @kalesix3 even if I wanted to try, I'd probably pass out. I don't know if you've done sneak peek before, but I did with DS2. Since males can't be around to contaminate the blood sample, I did it while I was home alone. Welp, big mistake because I passed out and missed a chiro appointment lol. And it's literally just a finger prick! I was so disappointed because my sample ended up ruined since I didn't mix it with the preservative in time (thanks to being unconscious). They had to send me a new one to try again, and I hade to have my midwife do it for me! (And I passed out again) 
  • @thescarletmom oh my goodness your story is making me want to laugh. That’s terrible. Isn’t it awful what our minds will do to us?? 
  • kalesix3kalesix3 member
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    @thescarletmom 👀 oh my goodness I've never heard of needle phobia that severe, that's horrible :( I'm so sorry! Yes definitely don't go anywhere near acupuncture in that case!! It's so scary how you just passed out like that!  
    I've never done sneak peek though. I'm team green all the way, and they sound so complicated with all the steps 😩
  • @annemarie96 @kalesix3 its okay to laugh, it is such an extreme response! It's not even like I was afraid with the sneak peek test, I was fine for the first like 30 seconds then I started to feel dizzy and my body literally went to jelly as I was actively fighting not to pass out. Oh well! I was completely fine, just irritated at the waste of time and everything!

    @kalesix3 because I'm the most impatient person on the planet I could never be team green lol. But my husband's family is SO WEIRD about girls (his baby sister his dad had accidentally in his late 40s was the first girl born in the family in like 4 or 5 generations) and since we have 2 sons they're all soooo pushy about wanting it to be a girl. It makes me want to not find out just to shut them up! When i was pregnant with DS2 i overheard DH's grandma tell a distant relative at a family funeral "yeah, they're pregnant. And of course it's another boy" 😡 could have killed her. Want a third boy just out of spite now.
  • My nausea is so awful. The second I wake up in the morning, I vomit. The evenings are equally miserable. The afternoon is better for me, but I have 24/7 nausea no matter what. The only food that sounds appealing to me is like, creamy, rich foods like Mac n cheese or potato soup. My son told me last night that my belly is getting big already... I'm 7 weeks! I'm just soooo bloated! 
  • @thescarletmom ooof that same thing has been happening with my in laws and it makes me SO mad, because they act like my uterus is only there for them to live out their stupid perfect american family vicariously through. I have a very bad relationship with them and staying there for a week and a half got on my every last ounce of sanity with the baby comments because of course I'm pregnant but they just wouldn't shut up about it. I don't even want to tell them now. Plus the comments about my son having a sister? Tactless ASF because he has a sister that they refuse to acknowledge because she died. Which is just double hard and enraging for me. I would be so livid to overhear such an awful tactless comment like that, shame on your family acting like that, a five year old would probably know better. Maybe instead of their stupid fantasy about the gender of a literal baby who's isn't even theirs they should just shut up and be happy for a healthy mama and baby. I truly get so heated about the topic. I don't mind which gender of baby I get, but a part of me definitely feels spiteful about another boy disappointing them but then I realized that if I do have another boy they will just treat him like a disappointment so there's no winning spite or no. 
  • @maddmama what is it with hair?!! It's the absolute grossest thing 🤢 of course everyone in my house grows glorious long heads of hair so all three of us are equally guilty but it's gross! 
    Blame showing on your uterus growing faster than the baby and muscle memory. That's how I'm looking at it. My uterus is already above my pubic bone and I feel like my organs are shifting so much faster this time. Even just bloat has a reason so give yourself tons of grace! 

    I guess fatigue finally showed up for me. I thought maybe it was all jetlag from the timezones difference but it's not really getting better as I adjust so it's probably pregnancy related. I am so sleepy no matter how early I'm going to bed. Yikes. 
    Also I decided to cook a giant pork roast in the crockpot for a few different meals over the next few days to make cooking lighter since that's been a huge trigger for nausea, but the smell of the pork is going to be the death of me I'm positive. Ugh 🤮🤮🤮 I've been sick for hours from it. Remind me not to do this again lol. 
  • wow wow wow the pregnancy insomnia is so real. Every night around 3 or 4 in the morning I wake up and cannot get back to bed for a few hours. 
  • My symptoms are already so different from Monday.
    I am definitely feeling like I’m showing, which is just awkward. I’m only 6 1/2 weeks, and this is baby #3 and I’ve technically gotten this far pregnant like 5 times, so maybe that’s why?? But I feel huge. So constipated and gassy, and I’m not used to that. I feel so gross. 🥴
    Felt a wave of real nausea for the first time today and panicked. 😅
    So extremely lightheaded now. Nearly passed out the other day, and I clean for a living and I’m just having to take so many breaks otherwise I will literally pass out mopping. Thats with eating constantly and drinking water. Ridiculous.
    Thankfully cramping has really died down and it’s just random every now and then, instead of lasting for hours! 
    Just the fact that symptoms are changing is really encouraging to me. 🙌🏻🙌🏻
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