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Weekly Symptoms 10/10


Re: Weekly Symptoms 10/10

  • Hi mama's!

    I am 7 weeks today. Week 5 was fatigue, sore and very large breasts with some mild cramping. Week 6 was slight nausea, fatigue and sore breasts. Today I feel a bit nauseas but my boobs are in sooooo much pain. Even walking and them jiggling a bit is hurting me so much 😩😩

    Oh and super bloated!
  • @firsttimepreggo73, I’m 7 weeks and 1 day so we’re right on track with each other! I’ve had all the same symptoms but the bloating is by far the worst, I feel as if I need some maternity clothes already at 7 weeks. The nausea comes and goes and my boobs steadily hurt too. Sometimes a little back pain as well but it’s been somewhat minor so far .. our first ultrasound is next Monday so officially within the week! 
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  • @babyaontheway06 oh man, I feel you! I unbutton and unzip my jeans at my desk right when I arrive to work in the morning 🤣

    Excited for your ultrasound! I don't have mine until 12 weeks. I live in Canada so maybe it's different up here. Super anxious and hope the time flies by!
  • @firsttimepreggo73, yes the pants are a struggle and I feel like even in dresses I have a tiny bump and I’m not telling anyone until the ultrasound so it’s hard lol! And oh it’ll fly by! 
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