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Dye Stealer

Is anyone still anxiously testing until their first appointment?! I think I just got my first dye stealer!!!! (I had to ask a friend why my control line was so faint) I didn’t even know this was a thing!  

Re: Dye Stealer

  • I just got my first dye stealer at 6 weeks 1 day, I had no idea these were a thing either. I’m still having a lot of anxiety until my first appointment so I just decided to test again..
  • Hahah yes doing the same. Also got a dye stealer!
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  • @maddmama, I love that we’re all the same lol! 
  • Had no idea this was a thing!! I’m only 4w1d and using cheap strips to try to track progression. This morning at 16dpo it was slightly stronger than yesterday but my first baby, it was a super dark line at 12 dpo so who knows. Trying to stay hopeful and not become obsessive over tests!
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