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stressy first timer

Hi all  

Stressy first timer here! :P I'm 18weeks 2days pregnant and have been stressy the whole pregnancy as it's my first time and I'm naturally an anxious type. I've been a little calmer this last week as think I've maybe felt a few nudges resembling movements, but they're very erratic in terms of when they occur. I've been trying to listen to little ones heart beat as I know this may be possible between weeks 18 and 20. This morning I was laying in bed feeling around my tummy and felt a hardish object about 4cm down from my belly button and slightly to the right (you could actually see with me laying down that the side was slightly raised). I wondered if it could be baby. I took the stethoscope and could hear a very defined whooshing sound. It made me really worried thinking something was wrong but remembered hearing something similar with the doppler that the midwife said was the placenta pumping blood so been trying to calm myself down that it's just that and a good sign (haven't heard it before though?) but haven't felt any movements yet today and still wondering what that mass type object was as it seemed very low to be little one and wasn't really moving? Could it have just been stool? And also whether the placenta pumping blood can be picked up with the stethoscope... Guess I'm just feeling a little stressy. I know many don't hear the heart beat at all with the stethoscope - I did try both sides of the stethoscope. I've only got my anomaly scan when I'm 23 weeks and 2 days so I booked in for a private scan this weekend just to check in and help calm my nerves.. 

Any thoughts on the above? 

Thanks so much!

Re: stressy first timer

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    By 18 weeks the fundus is usually just below your navel. If you are on the slender side it could very well be baby that you felt ❤️

    As for movements- baby has a sleep/wake cycle and as you get further along you'll get more noticable movements and it will be easier to tell when they're active and when they're resting. Right now there's plenty of room so while baby may be flipping around in there you might not feel it. Like right now I'm 23 wks and there are three times every day that I definitely feel movement- when I go to bed, right when I get to work, and just after I eat lunch. In just a few short weeks you'll be feeling more movements too 🥰
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    Put the stethoscope away, stop causing more anxiety than needed.  The hard bump was probably a heel/foot or fist.  Cancel the private scan, you are exposing your kiddo to more ultrasound waves than necessary and it is w/ untrained techs.  Just wait a little while and you will have an anatomy scan where the techs know what they are doing and a doctor can look at the scan and tell you what is going on.  

    Sorry if I sound blunt, but I have heard horror stories about the private ultrasound places! Nit cool. 
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    Normal to be stressy :) I have had (and friends too) good experiences with private scans and ultrasounds aren’t dangerous. Go for it if it’ll help your mental health. I def could feel baby lumps and bumps around the time you’re describing so that’s probably what you felt- your baby. You should also start feeling identifiable movement soon which will be reassuring and help get you to your anatomy scan without losing your mind. I wouldn’t bother with a stethoscope personally. 
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    I was extremely anxious until my 20-week ultrasound/anatomy scan. I do think I would have been super anxious if I had to wait until week 23 for the anatomy scan. After that scan, I calmed down so much. I assume that’s normal. I didn’t feel any movement until 20 weeks.
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    Thank you all so much <3 I've put the stethoscope away, it's just causing me more stress. I've been feeling her wiggling about last night and this morning which is really reassuring! I've left the appt. for the private scan for now and am meeting with my midwife tomorrow, so I'll ask her whether she feels it's okay and safe and if not, I'll cancel it and wait another 5 weeks for my anomaly. Thanks all for the advice and support!
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