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Re: Weekly Randoms - 9/12

  • Has anyone received or is planning to receive the new Covid booster? I asked my doctor’s office and they said there wasn’t enough evidence to advise me either way. But they did tell me to get the flu shot which I plan to do. Has anyone else received advice about the Covid booster from your doctors?
  • @excitedforpiscesbaby That’s what mine told me, too. Definitely getting the flu shot and I’d *like* to get boosted. At minimum the rest of this household definitely will! 😅
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  • @excitedforpiscesbaby I’m seeing my Dr on Friday and am going to ask for both flu and covid booster. So far my midwife has made it seem fine. I have Kaiser and they are all about the covid boosters so I figure as long as they don’t tell me that they advise against it I’m just going to get it.
  • I forgot completely to discuss the Covid booster today 🤦🏻‍♀️ but will get it when it’s available. I’m thinking of getting flu first just to stagger them. My husband got his flu and Covid booster at the same time last year and felt like dog poop the next day. 
  • I chatted about it with the NP at my last appointment and she said whatever I was comfortable with. I will ask at my next appointment as well. I'm leaning towards not getting boosted at the moment. The last one knocked me on my butt. 
  • It was never brought up in either of my MW appointments. I won't be getting boosted though. 
  • It was never brought up in either of my MW appointments. I won't be getting boosted though. 
    This exactly! 
    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • We are sick. Hubs is traveling again probably won't be back until Thursday or Friday. We have company coming on Sunday. I'm struggling.

    Also our cat had kittens yesterday. They are freaking cute but uugh. I can't wait to get her fixed so we never have to go through this again. She's such a pain. I'll try to get some decent pics tomorrow! 
    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
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    I'll definitely be getting boosted but was advised to wait later in 2nd trimester for possible chance of giving more immunity to baby. 

    Crossing my fingers I can avoid getting both covid and the flu from students at work though. We will see...
  • @nopegoat awe kittens!! I hope you all start to feel better soon, that sounds so tough. 

    @youcanhavemanhattan I have a personal trainer and I haven't been able to workout in over 2 weeks. I'm hoping I can get one in today. 🤞 I want to do another pre-natal yoga class. My last one was amazing but it wasnt all yoga it was more informative. Each class we went through a different topic. Like baby positon and turning them, breathing during labor, pain mitigation. This time I want to do actual yoga. I recommend it for every FTM though it was amazing. 
  • @nopegoat oh my goodness!! They look like little leopards!! How fricken cute

    @excitedforpiscesbaby my dr did discuss with me but I will not be getting the vaccine nor the boosters. Also had covid right after I got pregnant so would rather let my natural antibodies do there thing. Will probably not get the flu shot because they always make me extremely ill.
  • Definitely getting boosted when I can!! Having my first baby during a pandemic I know the importance of it. Need to get my flu shot too when we do our school clinic.

    it was so cute today - I’ve definitely popped since last week and you could tell with my dress I wore today. Well one of my kiddos gently rubbed my belly and was like, “is that the baby?! It’s getting bigger every day!” Oh innocent kindergarten ♥️
  • @shorty-sar LOL we do a movement dance every morning and I basically do the bare minimum or I’m done for  🤣
  • Too much caffeine this morning. I'm all jittery. After months of not being able to stomach coffee I had a whole one this morning and a SMALL squirt of mio in my water. Maybe 140 MG total over a 4 hour period. Lesson learned 😑
  • Question: Have any of you gone to Disneyland (or somewhere similar) while pregnant? We’re planning a trip in a month and I’m needing all the advice! 
  • @TortugaAzul I live in the area so we go to Disneyland pretty much every week. Comfy shoes are my biggest suggestion. They will make or break the trip, and bringing a refillable water bottle. If you don’t have the Disneyland app I highly recommend it. You don’t have to mobile order but it’s super helpful especially if you’re bringing kids because you can order food while you’re in line for something else so it’s ready when you get to the pick up window. Have a bunch of fun! They just put up all the Halloween decorations and it’s pretty adorable! 
  • Why are boy names the hardest to decide on 🙃🙃🙃

    our girl name list was so long and we both had a favorite. We only have 4 boy names and none we’ve really officially fallen in love with. Our favorite boy name has already been taken by our firstborn. Lol 
  • Yesterday I had my son’s one-year vaccination appointment, but when I got there they informed me that his appointment was today 🤦🏻‍♀️ I came home and cried. Hormones, am I right?? 
  • @mamahosch we are totally the opposite. I have a list of 10 boys names I would use in a heartbeat, and don’t have one yet for girls (which is what we happen to be having). Doesn’t help that we have 2 girls already, so we’ve used our favourites! 
  • I'm struggling with names period. I have a couple girl names I like but don't love. It's hard
  • @mamahosch we have a boy name basically 100% picked but every time we have a discussion about girl names i walk away a bit frustrated. We don’t know the gender yet so we might not need a girls name but gosh it’s so hard. Name discussions make me want to rip my hair out (but it might just be because I’m not getting my way and he doesn’t like my all time favorite name). 

    @muggsd aww bummer. That stuff makes me crazy. I feel you. I feel like I’d cry even not pregnant over that. 
  • This has been the easiest time for names! I’m pretty sure we at least have boy and girl first names. Maybe it’s because we are running out of options from our short list. 🤣

    For my son and daughter we didn’t have names formalized until day of discharge. Our families wanted to kill us after dealing with being team green both times. 
  • I started developing a cold on Thursday…which was not fun because on Friday I had to fly out of state for a funeral. And had clogged ears due to stuffiness. 🙃 Feeling like poop. I’m hoping this will go away soon! 

    If this cold is still making me feel like poop on Monday I might call my dr and see what she thinks about Sudafed..She gave me a list of ailments and how to help them, but under stuffy nose it just says nose spray, or come in if the problem continues. Dr Google has mixed messages about Sudafed, so I’m not going to touch it unless I talk to my Dr. I get sinus infections very easily(thanks deviated septum), and usually take Sudafed whenever I have a cold.
  • @shorty-sar My OB says Sudafed is ok after first trimester. I used it when pregnant with DD without any problems. I just tried to keep it to the lowest effective dose only when I absolutely needed it. 
  • @Wishilivedinflorida Good to know! I’ll still double check with my OB since we’re watching my BP. It’s fine at home, but slightly elevated at appointments. 
  • Well I officially dropped off DS’s old infant car seat for the Target car seat trade in and holy emotions 😭 I literally stared at it in the big box as I walked out of the exit lol. New one is ordered and I got it even cheaper than with just the coupon with some unused target gift cards! Plus we can still use the old bases since they still have a long time to expire 🙌🏻 His old car seat was really grimy and gross from sitting in the basement storage and having been through 2 babies (we got it from a friend who adopted and she didn’t use it long). 
  • @mamahosch Thank you for the reminder! My neighbor thankfully had an old grimy booster she let me go take in. Now I can get two Dionos for DD so my H and mom can fit three across. 🙌🏻

    Hoping they have another event before end of maternity leave so I can get some infant bases on discount! 
  • So I had my NT scan today (everything looked good - yay). But the nurse told me that she accidentally cancelled my 2nd trimester blood draw that I was supposed to do in a couple of weeks and because California switched to a new program I can’t use that one anymore. So instead she got me set up for the new one that just rolled out today that is a true NIPT so we get better precision, more types of tests, and we get to know the gender sooner. The nurse was so embarrassed and apologetic but honestly it was a happy accident. 
  • @gravcass She may take it better than you expect! DS is 5 and was adamant we “have enough” kids. When we told him he did get overwhelmed for a second but then quickly asked questions and became excited. He daily kisses my belly and asks detailed questions about baby development. I have a Doppler so we use it once in a while. That’s a great idea to get a boutique US to take her to! How old is she? I may steal that idea. 
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    @Wishilivedinflorida she's 4 and a half. She always asks to see pictures of when she was in my belly and to see the photos of her "coming out" (I had a c-section with her and My doula got some great shots of her emerging that are not gruesome at all lol) 
    The place I go to does "hows my baby" check ups which does measurements, heart rate and includes tons of photos and video emailed for $50. This will be my third time going and all three times combined is cheaper than my initial OB appointment where all that was done was a pee test and asked if I had any questions 🙄
  • @gravcass Trust me, I feel you on the charges!! I got an EOB that says all my STD testing (that they require, whatever) was covered but not my urinalysis? It’s outrageous. My work friend owns a boutique shop and charges similar rates for her ultrasounds and is great with kids so I may do that when baby is a bit bigger and looks more proportional. I think the kids would love that experience. My daughter is 4 and is less interested except to propose silly names for the baby like “Toilet”. 🙄 I hope the news goes over well!
  • @gravcass good luck telling her! So exciting!
  • Ok no idea whether anyone will see this question in time: Tonight I'm interviewing a possible doula - any STM/etc who have questions they wish they'd asked their possible doulas?
  • @youcanhavemanhattan I wish I had seen this sooner! Hopefully the interview we t well. If you have any others I would ask..

    How many clients they book in a month.

    If they have anyone on standby if they can't make it.

    What services they offer day of if the birth ends up in a c-section. 

    What hospital they recommend to birth at (I found it really important that all people on the team mesh well. Some hospitals are known to be anti doula)

    My main thing was just being able to feel comfortable with them though:)
  • Ooh thanks @gravcass - this is helpful, we ended up having to reschedule because she had a Mama go into labour, so I am going to make note of these, especially the C Section one because I haven't seen anyone bring that up 
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