2nd Trimester

3 weeks 6 days and I had to slam on my brakes today

I had to slam on my brakes today because someone almost slammed into my drivers side. I felt the seatbelt go into my neck. Not sure if there was pressure on my stomach. This is my first pregnancy and I am very nervous because I am newly pregnant. I have read post about expecting moms much later in their pregnancy but no one extremely early like me.

Re: 3 weeks 6 days and I had to slam on my brakes today

  • Call your doc and ask, but especially at that gestation baby is very protected inside your pelvis. If you are not in pain you are likely fine.
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  • Definitely call your provider for guidance, but I had a full on collision at 8 weeks 3 days and called my midwives. They did ask questions about speed (25 mph), type of collision (I hit someone who was running a red light), whether I had any cramping or bleeding (no), then I was told that at these early stages, your uterus is still very protected by the bones of your pelvis. That was 7 weeks ago and all is still fine at 15 weeks, though I know how incredibly anxiety-inducing it is.
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