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3rd row seating suv’s

Hi! I am looking into SUV’s with 3rd row seating. Can anyone share the vehicles they have and any pros/cons with me? 

Re: 3rd row seating suv’s

  • @amys7588 thanks for starting this thread, I was going to pose the same Q! 

    This will be baby #3 and all 3 will be in carseats so we need a new SUV with a third row.  On our list to investigate that we've heard good things about: 

    Ford Explorer
    Volkswagen Atlas
    Kia Telluride (this one surprised us but now I see it everywhere) 

    My concern with these listed are that while they have the third row, I think they take away from your trunk space when you have it in.  We also have a dog and when we take weekend trips or long cross country trips we need alot of trunk space still...so wondering if we should just go even bigger like suburban, Tahoe, etc. 

    We live in a snowy part of the US so minivan's are out 

    Appreciate any input! 
  • @emeraldisle17 I can’t really say much about those, but I do know that we have a Toyota Highlander Hybrid that we love. The problem is that it DEFINITELY has very little trunk space when the 3rd row is in use. You would be hard pressed to fit a large dog in the trunk with the seats all up, much less pack for a family, too. If we ever have to use the third row for long trips, we’ll have to use something on the cross bars or hitch to add storage.
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  • @emeraldisle17 we’ve been looking at this too as this is #3 for us as well. Definitely leaning towards minivan for those reasons. We live in Colorado which is pretty snowy and we drive to the mountains quite a bit but we know several people with minivans and they do pretty good out here at least.  But if you don’t want that we have friends that have an Atlas and have 3. They love it and I think it is more spacious than some of the others.  
  • @fertile-turtle yes, I accidentally left the Highlander off the list! Have heard great things, thanks for the feedback!

    @angbaby83 thanks for the plug on the Atlas! I don't know a ton about that one but I do like Volkswagen. And I was going to say in my original post that I know mini vans have come a long way, so far most of the families that we know with 3 kids have gone the minivan route.  DH just refuses to get behind it  :D

  • @emeraldisle17  @amys7588 the trunk/third row issue is my complaint with my car. So while I love my car, I cannot recommend Acura MDX for third row seating. We always have our dogs in the back and the third row isn’t easily accessible even if we didn’t. 
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