1st Trimester

10 weeks. Spotting

Hi experienced mummas,

I am 10.5 weeks with my first and have just had some slight spotting (mainly brownish with a little translucent pink when I wipe. I had intercourse with my partner the last couple of days so I am hoping it is just cervix irritation.

Anyone had this and when do I start to panic or consult doctor? I don’t want to get myself worried but it’s heading that way.

Re: 10 weeks. Spotting

  • I had the same. Same as you, experienced it only one morning and then it was gone again. About 11 weeks. I was super worried and told my GP immediately, and she said we'd "observe and see how it goes". She did not do anything other than give me an acute number to contact if it got worse out of hours/turned into obvs. MC symptoms. But I was panicking and went straight to a private scan to check because I could not wait until my 12 week scan. No idea what caused the bleeding, but nothing was wrong with the baby and there wasn't any bleeding on the scan either. So... Yeah... It definitely could be nothing - but also I completely understand the worry <3 When is your next scheduled appointment? 
  • @em82silver that sounds like typical cervix irritation spotting, I think the vascularity is increased during pregnancy as blood flow is amped up in your uterus, and thus more prone to broken capillaries amongst the delicate tissue of the cervix. 
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