3rd Trimester

Shoulder/arm pain from sleeping on side

I have been trying so hard my whole pregnancy to sleep on my side. I wish i waited until it was really necessary, here in the third trimester. My shoulders and arms have pain and i think it’s from all the side sleeping. I will let my doctor know this at my next appointment but just wondering if anyone else experienced this? 

Re: Shoulder/arm pain from sleeping on side

  • Do no you have a maternity pillow? That’s really helped me. When my sides get really sore, I sleep on my recliner. Good luck! 
  • Yes, I had the same problem when I was pregnant. I tried different things, like using a maternity pillow, to calm down. I told my doctor about my problem, and she told me not to worry because it happens to a lot of women. But I'm completely calm after giving birth.
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  • I feel you there! Pregnancy pillow is a lifesaver for me but sometimes I end up having to lay on my back and give my sides a rest for a couple of minutes. I would recommend trying different positions with that I’ve found different positions can make it more manageable as opposed to sleeping in the same position all night. 
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