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  • @ttc3y interesting, I’ve always read that magnesium absorbs better topically. Must be just one of those things that’s different for everyone!

    @emeraldisle17 we actually see contractions quite frequently through pregnancy, in all its stages. Even in the first trimester. The uterus starts practicing early! It’s always been wild to me that we can see them without being felt. I’m a tech, btw lol
  • @kristinl492 🤷🏻‍♀️I’ve met people who found their conditions improve with topical magnesium. I’m not against the idea, it just didn’t work with my particular condition. The only thing I didn’t try was a different transdermal carrier like Magnesium oil. That could have made a difference. Epsom salt baths were not an option for me at the time either. Currently, I don’t think the science evidence based studies are able to weigh in one way or the other with transdermal magnesium and it’s efficacy. I’m all for trying new therapies and ideas if the risk is low in causing adverse effects. 
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  • Not sure if anybody else has experienced this before, but my last two pregnancies, I’ve had extremely itchy legs- lower legs mostly and especially at night before bed. Drives me nuts!!! No rashes or anything. I think my doctor is going to check me for cholestasis, even though she says it would be pretty unusual this early in pregnancy. I’m wondering if it might have something to do with damage done to my liver from my original epilepsy medication, carbamazepine, that I was on for over 15 years. We’ll see what she finds! 
  • @cpk3535 The liver is a pretty resilient organ. It’s the only organ we have that can regenerate itself. The liver function tests (AST/ALT) would show if there was any lasting damage from the carbamazepine. But with your current symptoms, it’s definitely worth looking into cholestasis, even if too early. I can definitely how itchy legs from unknown causes could be so irritating. 
  • @ttc3y so far, my liver tests look fine - everything looks low and well within range. The mystery continues…🤷‍♀️
  • I’ve been having horrific indigestion lately, which has led to the worst headache and exhaustion in my life yesterday; it was straight debilitating. I’ve never had a throbbing headache that’s lasted an entire day, but I had to leave my classroom early because I thought I was going to throw up and pass out. I think it might have been tied somehow to my low hemoglobin because I haven’t been eating well because of the indigestion. I know it’s not from being dehydrated because I’m pretty good at drinking close to 80-100oz of H2O a day. I finally caved and took a Tylenol right before bed because my headache was bringing tears, and it was like the gates to freedom opened and I could finally find peace. I also bought Tums for my stomach, but I’ve NEVER had indigestion issues nor headaches like that before (and hope that never comes back!). 

    I’m seeing my OB on Monday for my 16 week appointment so I’ll bring up everything then, but does anyone else experience indigestion and have any advice? 
  • @kb1322 ugh, I’m right there with you. It’s not always specifically indigestion, but my stomach and intestines ALWAYS seem to be in some kind of discomfort or distress. It’s very uncomfortable and makes eating hard. Also having the throbbing headaches, which I’ve chalked up to a combo of hormones+not eating as well/enough as I should.  Tums help. I wish I had more advice but all I’ve got is solidarity. Hope it gets better for you!
  • Definitely having more headaches secondary to dehydration due to n/v 🙃. Slippery slope.
  • @kb1322 You may want to consider food sensitivities as a possible culprit to the headaches and indigestion. The top 8 potential offenders are gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, corn, shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts. It takes up to 4 weeks for the inflammation and immune response to clear from your system. There is one mom-to-be who I met that had similar symptoms and it cleared up by just eliminating gluten alone. 
  • I’m itchy too ! Itching could be from a number of things. I’m always worried about my liver due to medication I’m on as well but my lfts and everything are fine. I believe my itching is from a combination of increased blood flow, hormones, mosquito bites, and my allergies. Ive been outside a lot. 🤣 Benadryl topical and oral help ! Hope your doctor figures it out for you 💕
  • @pagingdrmom I think mine might be elevated allergies as well! My skin doesn’t seem dry, but it’s easily irritated. This has been a physically taxing pregnancy so far to say the least, lol. Hope it gets better for all of us!
  • @kb1322 I can't speak to the indigestion this early, but I'm right there with you with the headaches!  I finally kicked one after 48 hours yesterday, it was awful. This is my third pregnancy and the headaches were right on schedule; I always seem to get them early on in my second trimester, go figure..I always drink lots of water too so I guess i just have to chalk it up to hormone fluctuations.  And tylenol pales in comparison to Advil....
  • Anyone else getting Charlie Horses in the night!! My calves muscles just seize up in the middle of the night and I wake up immediately in pain!
  • @steff188 my midwife shared with me a trick during my 3rd pregnancy. I was getting awful leg cramps and she said to put some Epsom salts in warm water, swish it around with a washcloth and take that washcloth and put it on your cramp. It works immediately every time! It's the magnesium 😉
  • I’m 13w 2d and I swear I could feel my belly grow last night. All day today, I feel a low grade ache around my groin area with the right side more than the left. I think the round ligament pain is starting. 😫 It’s manageable but it definitely is a bit uncomfortable. Anyone else experiencing this now?
  • @ttc3y I definitely experienced that around then, too. I started a weekend at 12w 6d wearing my usual jeans, then wore elastic waistband shorts all weekend, and by Monday morning (13w 2d) I couldn’t wear my jeans anymore. It was an athleisure day for me and I had to do some emergency shopping after work 😂. I also had some kind of very brief but sort of sharp pains that followed exactly the round ligament, but they weren’t constant or anything, just irregular and unexpected. But I’ve heard it can be different for different people.

    Now, at 16w 1d, I’m just starting to have trouble with shirts, but I’m unwilling to buy summer maternity clothes, so I’m waiting til Labor Day when I’ll get some hand-me-downs from a friend who had summer babies.
  • ttc3y Yes to the growing! - and oh yes to the round ligament pain! Latter I've felt for weeks actually (I'm 14 weeks now), especially when laughing or coughing og sneezing. Or standing up. Definitely a bit uncomfortable, but it's almost nice to have a symptom that just disappears within a few moments and isn't constant! 

    fertile-turtle I was saved with a pair of hand me down maternity shorts as well! Would have felt like such a waste to go and buy, especially as I am convinced that the second I do, the weather will instantly change and summer will be over :D 


    Other symptoms... The dizziness hit quite bad now, every time I stand up I feel I might black out :s 
  • Totally on the RLP and growing!  I woke up today at 16w 1 d and i've totally popped, literally overnight.  This is #3 and there is no hiding it any longer. 

    Current most annoying symptoms are the pregnancy rhinitis (aka allergies / nasal drip) and just this AM - a small bloody nose. 
  • Did anyone make it through the first trimester without morning sickness, but get it in the second trimester? I was lucky and had very few pregnancy symptoms during the first 12 weeks. However, I did have COVID twice in one month, so maybe that took over and I just didn’t notice pregnancy symptoms.

    I’m at 16 weeks now and am experiencing nausea. It’s not terrible, but it is annoying and strange to wake up with it. I’ve been getting pretty dizzy too. I almost fainted at a Farmers’ Market last weekend. I’ve been prone to fainting my whole life though.

    My other symptoms include tailbone pain. It hurts to sit or lie down. I’m not sleeping through the night anymore, which is exhausting. I miss sleeping on my stomach and not needing to pee in the middle of the night. Lol. I also have pretty bad nasal congestion. I didn’t realize that was a pregnancy symptom until I read this thread. I just assumed my normal daily allergies were upgraded to severe fall allergies early. I’ve lived on Benadryl pretty much all my life, so I didn’t think anything about this symptom.
  • @karbaud sometimes when I had heartburn I got nauseous. Also with organs moving and shifting that can cause nausea too. Usually more in the 3rd trimester but really bodies do weird things during pregnancy at any time. lol 

    anyone else get short of breath really easy? This is my 4th pregnancy and I’ve never experienced this. I work at a hospital so have to wear a mask all the time and I feel like it makes it worse. Never had a problem wearing a mask when I was pregnant last time. Ugh. 
  • @angbaby83 I’m having bad shortness of breath right now, too. Today we took our kids out on a good walk and I was almost immediately out of breath. Also very, very sweaty, lol! Nausea was gone while we walked, it’s back now 🙄
  • @angbaby83 the SOB is real, especially at work. I’m also a hospital worker. I feel your pain. 

    I swear I don’t remember getting so full so quickly at this point in previous pregnancies. It was more of a 3rd tri thing and early 1st tri. My eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach and it’s been so long since I finished a meal. Til about 930pm rolls around and I’m ravenous and end up eating a peanut butter sandwich in bed 😂
  • I think baby is having a growth spurt today. Earlier this week I was bounding with energy. And then today, I’ve been feeling sluggish and tired. I’m more hungry that usual but can’t eat a lot in one sitting and sometimes having the weird low grade mild nausea/ hunger pangs again. And I feel mild achey round ligament pain. Just a weird day and totally unexpected and I have so much stuff to do in preparation for my husband’s b-day celebration on Sunday. Oh well! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m just pacing myself and chugging through things as best as I can. 
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