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Weekly Check In 8/1


Re: Weekly Check In 8/1

  • EDD / Weeks + Days: March 24 7w today

    Baby is the size of a(n): blueberry

    Team blue/pink/green: Unsure at this point

    Upcoming Appointments: US and 1st OB appt on 8/17

    How are you feeling?: Bloated and tired but other than that, no other symptoms (which of course is freaking me out).

    Rants/Raves: My rant is that I hate there there is so much mixed information out there about what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy. Every source says something different!

    Questions: Does anyone know if you can eat brats or Italian sausages?

    GTKY: If you could live anywhere besides your current location, where would you choose? I would love to live in Alaska in the summer….. not so much in the winter though. 
    Married since 10/2011
    TTC #1 since 11/2012
    Dx: No Sperm Count

    Referred to RE after SA results
    HSG, bloodwork, and U/S all good
    3 Non-Medicated IUIs + 1 Clomid IUI w/ Trigger = All BFNs

    Dr says 2 more Clomid IUIs until we move to IVF

    Our Fur-baby Shelby


    My Ovulation Chart

  • @thehunterswife I think sausages are ok as long as fully cooked. I eat almost anything while pregnant except raw fish and alcohol. A lot of the “rules” are pretty antiquated. During my prior pregnancies there were listeria outbreaks in melons and ice cream, and never in the “forbidden” cold deli meat. I do limit my seafood to a reasonable level, too. 
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  • @thehunterswife - like @Wishilivedinflorida said - I would also eat brats/sausages as song as I know they are cooked all the way through. It’s also about moderation - am I going to eat a sausage product every day? Probably not - but as part of a meal
    once in a while? Sure! 
  • @mytrueloves Sounds like you're having a blonde baby boy! 🤣🤣

    My mom had a similar dream when she was pregnant with me. She was *convinced* that she was having a blonde baby girl. Then, while in labor (with only my head out) she could see I had dark hair and she screamed "that's not my baby, my baby is blonde!" Calm as you please, her OB just asked her who's baby it was and she snapped out of it. But by 6 months old my beautiful auburn hair had changed to blonde. She got her wish until I became a teenager and it darkened again. Lol. 
  • @novamama2023 I was born with white blonde hair and it all fell out when I got chicken pox at 2 years old! Both of my older kiddos are blonde too so I wouldn't be surprised 😅
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    Angel "Sawyer" - May 2021
    Angel "Maxine" - January 2022
    Angel "Violet" - March 2022
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