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October 2022 Moms

Product Spotlight: Hospital Bag Essentials

Labor & Delivery:  things that are useful during active later + things to pass the time if you are being induced 

Post-Delivery: for mom, partner, and baby. Including specific post partum and/or nursing items 

Re: Product Spotlight: Hospital Bag Essentials

  • rcgwrcgw member
    Has anyone used period panties for postpartum bleeding? How did you like them? Thinx, Proof, Bambody all have options that make great claims but as a FTM I feel like I'm guessing at everything. 
  • I haven't but I'm interested in it because I hate pads. I question how sanitary it can possibly be. Maybe they are better for later on?
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  • daisyyyydaisyyyy member
    @krysnicole1022 yes exactly, same here. Pads have honestly never been my favorite either just because of how sanitary they seem, and I’ve always questioned the period underwear that supposedly can go for longer than a pad itself. I have heard people say to use them later down in postpartum when you’re not bleeding as heavy vs right after. But yes if anyone has tried them, I’m very interested in knowing what your thoughts are on how well they work, because they seem like a much more comfortable and better option.  
  • has had anyone tried silver nursing cups for nipples? My friend was telling me about them and they sound great; reusable, sanitary, and great for nipple care… I had never heard of them before! 

    Koala Babycare Silver Nursing Cups Made in Italy
  • My friend used the silver nursing cups with her first and they helped a lot.
  • I've seen so many lists of things to bring to the hospital and I don't know if I'm being naive to think a lot of it seems excessive.  Do I really need my own nursing gown?  Or robe?  Or even PJs?  I was picturing things get really messy and I don't want to be ruining any items in the 

    I guess it depends on the hospital, but it also seems like most hospitals should have a lot of the basic supplies for nursing and bleeding?  I feel lost in this area.
  • bows22bows22 member
    @sandy5693 so I just wore the hospital gown when I was in labor & delivery. I was fortunate to have an easy birth (after having regular contractions for 48 hours at home, I guess my body was ready haha) so I was ready to shower and be in my own clothes later in the day, maybe like 6 hours after DD was born? I brought a couple of nightgowns and a robe to wear, I just wore them all day. I wore the hospital pads + depends and it contained the bleeding. So to answer your question, I think that you need next to nothing clothes wise for labor & delivery but once you are in your regular room you might want your own stuff. 

    And yes my hospital had everything I needed for post partum recovery but I did like having Depends for extra coverage and that was something I brought myself. People also swear by the Frida peri bottle versus the hospital one but I thought the hospital one was fine. 
  • bows22bows22 member
    I’m charging up my old phone to see if my packing list is still on there, I really hope it is so that I don’t have to recreate haha 
  • I brought my own nursing nightgown. I couldn't wait to get out of the hospital gown so I changed as soon as I could. I also bring a robe and slippers. They recommend you bring your own pillow. I basically had a small diaper bag with chargers, hair ties, chapstick, various snacks for middle of the night feeding, baby clothes, and hats. I brought my own toiletries and a razor. I'm in the shower scrubbing as soon as I get the okay because I'm the type of person who doesn't feel clean unless I've scrubbed and shaved. 
    They have nursing pillows and diapers so I don't bother with that. 
      Oh and clothes to go home in. 
  • @bows22 and @krysnicole1022
    Thank you both!  As always, you guys are so helpful.  I think I'll want to be clean and in my own clothes for recovery now that I think about it too.
  • Just as a note for C section mamas- ask for a chair for the shower. It's hard to stand post C and the chair allows for a more relaxing comfortable shower.
  • rcgwrcgw member
    @krysnicole1022 @daisyyyy haha those are my EXACT thoughts.... Which is why I was hoping you guys would have all the answers. Haha. 

    @serenejellybean I've heard good things, but FTM so no personal experience. 
  • I'll probably get some for later in the bleeding process. Once it's lighter I'll probably switch and try some of the period underwear.
  • krthousekrthouse member
    Okay, this is lengthy and I'm sure I'm missing some things, but here goes. Also, makes sure to check with your birth location to see what they provide because some provide you with TONS and some very much do not.

    Must Haves for Mama:
    Health Card/ Health Insurance Info
    Comfortable going home outfit that ideally doesn't have a low waistband in case of Csection (I loved the modal nursing maxi dress I got because It was easy to get into, it was a dark colour in case of staining, it was super comfy and didn't make it obvious I was in a massive diaper-pad situation)
    Comfortable nursing bra (or two)

    Must Haves for Baby:
    Going home outfits (2x newborn, 2x 0-3 month in case baby is bigger; include layering options in case of weather shifts and I prefer options that snap or zip up to avoid pulling stuff over their tender lil head; include a hat for each size too)
    Diapers & Wipes (not all birth locations have much on hand)
    Receiving blankets (some birth locations will want you to use your own)

    Nice to Haves for Mama:
    Phone & phone charger
    Cozy socks
    Lightweight soft robe
    Hair ties/ soft headband
    Hair brush
    Scent-free Dry Shampoo
    Makeup if you wear it and it makes you feel good
    Flip-Flops (for shower or walking around)
    Your own pads/diapers (your birth location will likely send you home in some, but you may prefer your own; my midwives are big advocates for using a breathable kind of pad for optimal healing and reduced likelihood of infection, especially if you get stitches. I really like the Rael Organic brand, which you can order on Amazon, and I get the overnight ones for the first two weeks then reduce to large then regular as bleeding subsides over the postpartum period)
    Big ol water tumbler/bottle with a straw
    Nursing pads (you might get leaky during/after labour)

    Nice to Haves for Baby:
    Your own swaddles
    Any name/baby announcement props if you intend to take these pics at the birth location
    Burp cloths, mainly for the trip home just in case

    Nice to Have Labour Support Items:
    Portable fan (I got one off amazon w/ a misting feature; it was perfect for the pushing stage because I found I got extremely hot during this)
    Combs (if you're aiming for an unmedicated labour holding these during the peak part of contractions can provide an alternate sensory feeing to focus away from the contraction; look up how to use them!)
    Snacks (you likely won't want to eat in labour by the time you're at your birth location, but many birth locations will let you use their freezer so you can have popsicles or freezies in there; make sure you label the box)
    Tens machine (similar purpose as combs, just better at it)
    Comfort item (what is this for you? a pillow, a scent (check with birth location what is allowed and if using essential oils absolutely check to make sure whatever you use is safe for around baby), battery operated candles, signs with affirmations. Something that will make you feel cozy and safe)

    For your Birth Partner:
    Change of Clothes
    Phone & phone charger
    Snacks (just make sure it's stuff you're okay with the smell of as many get nauseous during labour and strong food scents can aggravate that)

    Additional Pre and Post-Partum Things to have at home:
    Padsicles!!! (I make my own by freezing pads soaked in witch hazel in ziplock bags; fantastic for soothing in the healing process; DO NOT add essential oils to these despite some online tutorials suggesting this; they can cause infection and make things goopy in your stitches)
    Peri bottle (in all likelihood your birth location will give you one, but check to make sure as this one is a biggie for self-cleaning in early postpartum)
    Witch hazel (great for healing and hemorrhoid treatment; make sure it's alcohol-free and scent-free)
    Gravol & Tylenol (my midwife told me that if my labour started at night to take one of each of these and go to bed to get as much rest as possible and to pre-emptively stave off labour nausea)

  • Do you remember how soon they let you shower post c-section? For some reason I recall only being able to do like a sponge bath for a few days?
  • I showered the next day every time. I will go out of my skin if I'm not clean so I'm in the shower as soon as they give the okay. I had a catheter last time and I was still in the shower shaving my legs the next day. I think you just have to be very very careful. I sit to shower because standing is too much for that long 
  • KGETS86KGETS86 member
    Here’s what’s on my list for 4th (hopefully) vaginal delivery:
    For Mom-
    Hair ties/headband
    Phone and charger
    Snacks for post delivery (my hospital has an endless supply of popsicles for L&D)
    Nursing Dress for post delivery (their nursing gowns are not the most comfortable, and mine have never gotten bloody after delivery) a dress makes it easier for them to check everything during your pp stay
    Hair Brush
    Dry Shampoo
    Nursing bras (I’m at the point I’ve been wearing them since 2016, so I wear the one I wear into the hospital)
    Body Wash
    Extra Folded Bag (for supplies to take home)
    Loungewear to wear home if it’s too cold for a dress 
    Tooth brush and toothpaste 
    Lactation Cookies (because they taste good haha)
    Towel (there’s are not the best)
    Nipple cream (I don’t like the Lansinoh/Medela that they use in the hospital)
    Earth Mama Baby Angel Perineal Spray - I LOVE this stuff. Less greasy than dermoplast, but still super cooling and soothing. 

    For Baby:
    Diapers (my hospital uses huggies, and it gave my first two horrible rashes)
    Swaddle and Hat
    Going home outfit
    Sleep Gown
    Sentimental baby blanket for going home
    Car Seat

    Partner (mine likely isn’t staying the night because of my other 3):
    Change of clothes
    Sleepwear (just in case)
    Phone and charger

    I’m also debating Depends this time instead of the mesh and giant pads they have. My hospital has padsicles available in your room. 

  • mia80mia80 member
    Those are great lists ladies!!

    I had an emergency c-section with my son and ended up bleeding a lot, so won't be bringing any personal clothing or towels for the hospital this time around.

    For myself I'll bring chapstick, phone charger, toiletry bag, big fuzzy socks (instead of slippers), a water bottle and a going home outfit (probably an oversized sweater and leggings because it will be cold out).

    For baby, I'll throw in a couple going home outfits, our announcement board, swaddle blanket, car seat and blanket, and a couple diapers and wipes (even though I know the hospital will have these).

    We'll probably end up packing the most for my husband!!! He'll have two comfy change of clothes, lots of snacks, more snacks and a phone charger. With my son we found out they don't bring food for partners and because of covid the ward kitchen was closed, so he was starving!!!! Also I couldn't get out of bed on my own the first 24 hours, so he couldn't leave for long to get anything for himself.. So we'll definitely be more prepared for him this time!! 
  • I sent my husband home the first night after our first was born. He didn't sleep there again. The last two he went home as soon as I was settled and he got to spend time with the baby so he could go home and take care of the other ones. This time he's basically going to be there for a few hours and then he's going home. The nurses can handle anything I might need and it's too stressful for me to not have one of us home with the kids. 
  • KGETS86KGETS86 member
    @krysnicole1022 I feel this so much. We tried to have him stay for number 3, and our friends called at 2am asking him to get the older two from their house. Never again. It’s so much easier to just have him go home and keep the kids comfortable. I swear the nurses spoil you more if you’re there by yourself. I even convinced mine to give me 3.5 hours with no interruptions so that I could sleep. 
  • @KGETS86 The hospital I'm going to has a dedicated nurse for you and your baby and they are going to be way more help than an exhausted husband who can't sleep because of getting woken up by beeps and people coming in and out of the room all night. I'd rather video chat with all of them at home than deal with the stress of someone else watching them overnight. The last time we had someone watch our kids they were rude and condescending towards my extra needs kid and when I got home (from unexpectedly having to say goodbye to my beloved cat) she told me how big of an asshole my oldest was. I was like yeah she can be an asshole but why are you telling me this? So I'm hoping to find someone soon that can make it a day without telling me my daughter is an asshole. 
  • Does anyone have ideas on what to bring to a birthing center? I had DS at a hospital and pretty much just brought my charger, toiletry bag and a robe. They had everything else that I needed and sent me home with LOTS of things. This time, we are HOPING for a birthing center so Im not sure what to bring. 
  • @kat_vegan87 I'm also hoping to be at a birthing centre. I plan to bring the same things just in case things don't go that way and I need to transfer, that way there's no back and forth of needing to go grab extra stuff. When I had DS we switched to doing hospital before even going to the birth centre but I didn't pack something I needed due to knowing the birth centre would have it.

    I would definitely ask the birth centre if they provide mesh underwear/pads/diapers and a peri bottle or if you're expected to bring your own. They probably do, but those are things you will absolutely make use of before going home that hospitals pretty much always provide. 
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