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What my pregnant self is eating - August

Re: What my pregnant self is eating - August

  • OK so I know it's not August but I figured it was close enough to get this thread started again.

    I shamelessly started this to ask what your favorite recipes are for bringing to summer BBQ/potlucks. We have one this weekend and I am struggling with what to bring, because it's too hot to cook! So bonus points if I don't have to turn on the oven. 
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    @jennifer_louise We love to bring a fun “salad” to bbq’s! Pasta salad, quinoa salad, potato salad. You can really get creative with flavors - Greek, Italian, caprese, or just add summer veggies you have in your fridge. My husband recently made esquite which is a Mexican corn salad. Very easy to make, great flavor, and not your typical pasta/potato salad. My sister in law also made a Mediterranean quinoa and chickpea salad this summer that did not disappoint. 
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  • @jennifer_louise I love brining fresh salsa or guacamole and chips!!! 

  • I’m just over 15 weeks and FINALLY able to start making healthier choices again without feeling like I am going to vomit. It feels REALLY good. I usually try to eat very healthy but all I could do was carbs these past three months. Diving into all the summer fresh fruit and veggies now tho!
  • So much fruit, English muffins, milkshakes, and trying to add protein and vegetables when tolerable. 

    @jennifer_louise my go tos are cold Thai peanut noodle salad, or a corn/cherry tomato/basil/mozzarella (or cheese of choice) with balsamic based dressing salad. 
  • Thanks for the suggestions @r_kenn99 @thankfullyamama @willrunforcookies! These are great. It's complicated by the fact that my daughter is really picky and I want her to be able to eat something at the potluck...(whereas DS will eat any slop I throw on his plate 😆). I'll let you know what we decide to do!
  • Oh and also DH is vegan so that limits us too. (Wow, we're fun at parties, not sure how we ever get invited anywhere!). I think I might try the Thai peanut noodle salad....
  • @jennifer_louise we do cowboy caviar with tortilla chips, it lasts a few days in the fridge too for leftovers. Think a cold chunky bean salsa. But so fresh!  
  • I’ve been really into sugar snap peas, blueberries, plums, and oranges lately. They’re my go-to snack normally and I’m grateful to be able to stomach raw produce again after weeks of having no appetite! For cookouts, I usually bring a giant Greek salad, extra olives and extra feta! 
  • @jennifer_louise I love a good pasta salad! My favorite is caprese pasta salad. Bowtie or penne, halved grape tomatoes, mozzarella pearls, chopped fresh basil, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Maybe a little balsamic vinegar if you’re feeling fancy! I just saw your husband is vegan…is there such thing as vegan cheese? Dairy/cheese is life where I live, so I’m not even sure!

    @thankfullyamama I normally am kinda “meh” with fresh fruit. But when I’m pregnant, I go crazy for it! My SIL and I once demolished a fruit tray when we were pregnant together 7 years ago.

    On a personal note, I am craving cereal, milk, fresh fruit, bagels, and baked potatoes. My only aversion left is coffee.
  • OK I ended up making this recipe for the BBQ and it was so good. I made a double batch hoping I would have some left for work this week, and it was all eaten 🙃. It's vegan and can also be GF! Lots of veggies packed in too.

    I made it basically as written but left out the jalapeño and cayenne because I wanted my toddler to eat some, which he did. I also left out the salt.


    I also ended up bringing cheese and crackers just so I knew DD would eat something there. I served it with this:

  • My favorite snacks: 
    cheese, cashews or whole grain crackers,  and a pickle or green olives 
    hummus and veggies 
    Kale smoothie- add blueberries, mango or pineapple 
    fresh fruit

  • I’ve been nuts for fresh fruit and salads consistently for the last two months. We never used to buy fruit at Costco since there’s only two of us, but I’ve been going through it fast enough to justify it now. Just this last week I’ve gotten red meat cravings, steak or burgers. Need to curb that craving, don’t want too much of those. 
  • Thankfully my appetite seems to have moderated a little, but I am still getting random cravings. I've had 3 peaches today (and instead of dinner tonight, I ate another peach in a cobbler mug cake). Also mashed potatoes. 
  • @cc_clark don’t forget to listen to your body tho! Craving red meat may be because your body is looking to up your own iron or hgb!
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