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TW: Bleeding no cramps

TW: bleeding-I am 13w 5d pregnant and just had some bleeding with 2 decent size clots. I am not cramping at all though, active bleeding has stopped, and obgyn on call has told me to stay home and rest instead of going to ED like I really wanted to. I am going to call my OB in the morning but I would really like to know if anyone has had anything like this happen? 

Re: TW: Bleeding no cramps

  • update- went to OB today, ultrasound showed baby very active, heartbeat strong, placenta and cervix looked normal. Everything looked fine. Then as soon as I got home (TW:blood) I passed another clot accompanied by some blood. Then blood stopped immediately again WHAT IS GOING ON?! 
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    Sorry you’re going through this! I went through this as well and it is so scary, especially if you’ve had a loss before. It sounds like this is normal and just happens sometimes. My bleeding stopped after two days and now I get occasional brown spotting and don’t think anything of it anymore. I’m currently 15 weeks. 
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  • I had this happen between 11 and 12 weeks where I had spotting and clots every day. As long as you have a heart beat hopefully all is okay. I took a lot of rest and two weeks later seem to be fine. Your OB is the best one to keep an eye on this and will hopefully schedule some extra scans just to make sure everything stays okay. 
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