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Crafty Moms - Making a big bad wolf costume??

HELP!! John insists that he wants to be the big bad wolf for halloween and that me, DH and Ryan are going to be the three little pigs. It sounds adorable! However, I can't find a wolf costume that doesn't look scary. PBK has one for $45 but I would hate to spend that much on a costume. On the other hand I may spend just as much trying to make one then screw it up and have to buy it anyway. The one on One Step Ahead would be too small. Any ideas how to make an inexpensive wolf costume for a non-crafty mom??

I need ideas for the pigs too. I'm thinking we will just wear pink shirts and jeans. I can make foam and felt pink ears attached to a headband or hat and use felt and pipe cleaners for the curly tails. Can you think of any other ideas?


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Re: Crafty Moms - Making a big bad wolf costume??

  • Here's a (super creepy) mask..

     maybe that and some dark gray sweats?

    photo c107d4aa-9909-4a33-b3bd-bd94168bd5fc.jpg

  • What about buying a brown or grey cat ear head band and make a snout (maybe use some sort of cardboard roll and attach felt or furry fabric with some felt teeth)? Then he can wear a brown or grey shirt (or a white shirt that you color to make look like a wolf), brown or grey pants/sweats (or jeans to go along with the pigs) and if you can find those furry slippers they use to always have a spencer's gifts use those, or just find an old pair of shoes he doesn't wear anymore and get some furry looking fabric and glue them to the shoes.
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