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Doppler - heartbeat

Hey folks, just got back from my second prenatal visit and unfortunately couldn't hear a a heartbeat at 13weeks. I'm scheduled again to go in early next week to try again. Anyone else have experience with this? It's apparently common but can't help feeling anxious. Any tips or info? Thanks :)

Re: Doppler - heartbeat

  • Did they attempt an ultrasound? It took my midwife a few minutes to find HB on a Doppler at 12 weeks. At that point your uterus is just barely popping above your pubic bone. 
  • ejs2021ejs2021 member
    I go again Monday and if they still cannot hear they will do an ultrasound. I hope they're just hiding in there behind the pubic bone.
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  • How did your appointment go? I have my own Doppler for peace of mind.
  • ejs2021ejs2021 member
    Thanks for asking it went very well and I finally got to hear baby heartbeat ❤️
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