October 2022 Moms

July Wins!!

This may already be on here but I scrolled for awhile and didn't see it. 

I finally had a big win and wanted to share it. 
After so much drama and disappointment I finally found a car at a price that didn't make me feel like I was being taken advantage of completely. It's even blue!!! I got an awesome fully loaded used Subaru Ascent with low mileage for a reasonable price (these days) and I'm thrilled. please ignore the dead patchy grass. It's been a dry summer. 

Re: July Wins!!

  • @krysnicole1022 Yay that's awesome!!!! I meant to post a July one and fully forgot. Thanks for rekindling it!
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  • That's awesome!!!
  • @merostomata That's awesome! Succeeding in freelance is a huge accomplishment!
  • That's so rewarding @krthouse!
  • @sandy5693 Yay!!! Well done!
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