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COVID while pregnant

I’m 27 weeks pregnant and just tested positive for COVID 😫. I’m a teacher and have managed to avoid it until now. Minor symptoms right now, sore throat, cough, slight fever. 

Has anyone else had COVID during pregnancy? 

Re: COVID while pregnant

  • Hi, I had COVID about a month ago when I was about 23 weeks. The strain that I caught was very mild though. I ended up not needing anything even for a fever. The dr. Prescribed a cough medicine, but I didn’t take it since it hasn’t been tested in pregnant women. Lots of rest, cough drops and water. I also didn’t have much of an appetite at all so trying to eat really healthy didn’t work out for me. I also bought an oximeter and used it every 5 minutes! Also, try to monitor kicks because having COVID can impact the baby, but don’t stress too much about it because there’s nothing you can do besides resting and drinking lots of fluids! I hope you feel better soon ❤️
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    I had it during the first trimester. Mine was pretty mild, I had a very low grade fever that didn't even need meds. I was just SUPER wiped out and tired for quite awhile, then had a cough and congestion that lasted for 3 weeks. My son and husband were a lot sicker with really high fevers and dizziness and headaches, and myself and both daughters were not as sick. Gastro a couple weeks later kicked our butts worse! My midwife mentioned that all they're doing really (in Ontario anyways), is offering an extra ultrasound at 35 weeks to check baby's growth, since that can be affected by covid. She also mentioned that since they had started that, they hadn't seen any cases yet of growth restriction in their practise.
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  • I had covid at about 23 weeks, fever ranged from 99.0-102.7 for about 3 days and lost my sense of smell for 2-3 weeks. For my own peace of mind I bought a Doppler as I wasn’t feeling consistent movement at that point. My midwife scheduled an ultrasound with internal fetal medicine at 35 weeks to check on growth and fluid levels, but as of now baby has been measuring on the bigger side every appointment. 
  • I had covid super early, like right when I could start early testing. Was super worried but things seem to be in order. Did have to rely only on tylenol and salt water gargle for the throat but my fever never got too horrible. Maybe 101 at worst. Wish you the fastest healing!!!
  • Thank you all!! Definitely reassuring! My dr said I have to take baby aspirin daily for the remainder of pregnancy to prevent blood clots. She also said there will be additional growth monitoring for the remainder of pregnancy. 

    My symptoms are mild and are managed with Tylenol and mucinex. Hopefully to be on the mend soon. 
  • Has anyone had the monoclonal antibody treatment? I just got a positive test back and my doctors are recommending it as a precaution. 
  • My two children have tested positive today one is fine the other is not well at all. I’m 29 weeks today hoping I manage to avoid it all though im not hopeful 😔
  • @kb101122 I have not personally gotten it but my grandparents were both given that treatment and it really helped them! They didn’t necessarily get “less sick” but it reduced the amount of time it took their body to fight it 
  • @kb101122 My parents are older (late 70s), and both unvaccinated. My mom was pretty sick with covid for quite awhile (not hospitalized, but basically bed bound for a couple weeks). My dad got the antibody therapy as soon as he tested positive (in addition to his age, he also has cardiac issues). He hardly got sick, had no fever, and just had mild tiredness and cough. Hard to say though, since the severity of symptoms in our own home varied a lot and we're vaccinated 🤷‍♀️ 
  • I just had it 2-3 weeks ago. Luckily it was super mild! 
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  • I had it both in my first trimester and third and it was totally fine but I’m also vaccinated and twice boosted. I had a sore throat, a sniffle here and there. Highly recommend the second booster shot!
  • I'm going for a PCR test tomorrow. I have a slight sniffle and a sore throat. My husband is down with a fever, sore throat, cough, and chills. Both our at home tests were negative but I don't trust them so I'm getting a lab test done tomorrow. I'm the only person who leaves the house usually so I'm surprised everyone is so sick. My kids have what looks like the Chickenpox from scalp to ankle, my eczema kid has it the worst but complains the least. Could possibly be a Covid rash but I don't know anyone whose kids had head to toe Chickenpox like rashes. Some had a few spots here and there but not absolutely everywhere. Sigh. I'm very tired. 
  • @krysnicole1022- my brother had all the symptoms and all the home tests and PCR tests came back negative for about 5 days! I know another friend that the same thing happened to him. My gf had hives all over her body with COVID, but she’s the only person I know that has had that reaction. I hope you all feel better soon! 
  • We've been getting sick since last Tuesday. I like to delay the PCR for 5-6 days for exactly the reason you're describing. 
     I've heard of hives. These are most definitely pox like which I guess can happen (my niece had them on her face the second time she had Covid) but they didn't spread and they didn't come in pox like waves. They've had spots for at least a week at this point.  I sincerely thought they were bug bites. My son was the worst and he's a mosquito magnet but then the other two started getting them even after having our yard getting treated twice and with bug spray. I guess we will see. My husband is absolutely sick. He's the only one vaccinated/boosted for Covid in our house. 
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    @krysnicole1022 could it possibly be monkeypox? I don’t really know anything about it other than some passing Facebook comments but I think I saw it causes respiratory symptoms too? 
  • @bows22 it doesn't look like monkeypox. Plus my husband and I are spot free. The kids are starting to scab over after about a week and a half of spot waves. We both had chicken pox as a kid. I don't think the kids illness and our illness are related.
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    @krysnicole1022 oh got it! I hope YH starts to feel better and that you don’t get any worse symptoms 
  • @bows22 Thanks! He's starting to feel a little better already. Fever broke last night and he had slightly more energy. We've been in our bubble for so long our immune systems are crap. I did a PCR test today so I guess I'll see in a couple of days if it is/was Covid. 
  • Well, I definitely have Covid now. All my antigen and PCR tests came back negative for 11 days.
    I did an antigen rapid test this evening and it came back faintly positive.
    My husband and son also came back positive. Both daughters are now sick, the last finally got it today. I swear this thing has been jumping hosts. Once a fever breaks a few hours later someone else has a fever and no one else will have a fever until that fever breaks. So very bizarre. I'm exhausted and terrified something might happen to the baby.

  • I’m so sorry @krysnicole1022! Try to get lots of rest and drink lots of water. COVID really upset me because I was worried about DS and then I started to worry about this baby. But the strain that’s going around now is pretty mild so hopefully it will be an easy bug to get over. Feel better! 
  • It's crazy because we are so careful. This new strain clearly DGAF about any precautions because we've basically isolated ourselves for 2.5 years. We go out infrequently. Most errands are no contact. I'm pretty sure I got it at the first car dealership and brought it home two weeks ago. 
  • @krysnicole1022 we were moderately careful, and didn’t get it for 2.5 years. My husband does HVAC, so saw multiple people daily, daughter in school/camp, and I even traveled in a work trip to Mexico in May, and didn’t come back with it. It got us out of nowhere a month ago, and still no clue where I picked it up. I was fully clear and then daughter picked it up somewhere else. It was truly odd, just grateful for a super mild strain for both of us! Fingers crossed it’s same for you.
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  • Unfortunately even though I had super mild symptoms (sore throat and fatigue) it turned into Covid pneumonia and I spent the evening in the ER. The good news is that they monitored the baby and he looks great. I was severely dehydrated and my blood sugar was crazy. My oxygen levels were perfect and everything else looked really good besides the cloudy lungs. They said it was mild but I have exercises to do at home and I have to monitor my oxygen levels. 
  • @krysnicole1022 I am sorry to hear you have been so sick!! I hope that you feel better so soon and happy to hear baby looks great.  Take care of yourself <3
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    Oh geez @krysnicole1022 that’s scary. Are you home now?
  • Yeah. I got home late last night. 
  • Just tested positive 😩. My OB sent an order for the monoclonal antibody treatment but apparently things are so backed up that not everyone is being scheduled. My symptoms are the same as @krysnicole1022, sore throat and fatigue. I probably wouldn’t have thought much of it but we traveled over the weekend so I had a feeling. Ugh. 
  • Ugh oh no @bows22
    My hospital was completely out of it when I had it. I hope that's as bad as it gets for you! 
  • Feel better soon @bows22 !!
  • Well, I joined the Covid club today…and my baby shower is supposed to be this Saturday. 😩 Think I should go totally virtual or move the hybrid shower to next weekend? What would/have any ladies here done?
  • Oh no @nerdymom22! I will say that I’m feeling pretty crappy so I’d lean toward postponing it just in case you still aren’t 100% by Saturday. But I think you are good either way if you have a preference for how you want to handle!
  • I have to say it took me and my husband awhile after we weren't contagious to actually feel up to doing things. Since it's Wednesday I would definitely postpone until next week. 
  • This is awful I just took a home test for Covid and it came back positive immediately and I then went and got a PCR test. One of my employees was severely coughing and now I believe she is the cause of me getting Covid. I’ve had an itchy throat, congested, chills, ear ache and shortness of breath only going up the stairs but my fever has been in check.

    I made a decision to go off work these last two months as I’m 32 weeks with my first and concerned about my baby more than anything else. I’m just in fire that my manager came to work with no mask barking and coughing like she was crazy this past week.
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