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Weekly Randoms Week of 11/7

This is my last plea to stop all the one-off threads lmao it makes using this app very hard to find the active ones as a mobile user!

anything and everything can go here :)

Re: Weekly Randoms Week of 11/7

  • Bumping this thread. Reiterating what @tryingktogku said, otherwise I can’t go through a million threads!  ☺️

    What prime deals is everyone shopping? I just updated some makeup products and one off things, but considering updating some kitchen stuff too  
  • @footdrbritt AVENT is having a big prime sale so I just bought their bottle warmer, sterilizer, and newborn bottle “gift set” and some soothers! (All things I didn’t have or use with my first that in hindsight would have made my life much easier lol) 
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  • @footdrbritt so far kids pajamas from Burt's Bees and Carter's, and kids CamelBak water bottles. Really exciting purchases here!
  • @footdrbritt I need to look for a new electric toothbrush… and might grab some baby things! I check out the car seat deals but I don’t think I want to buy that now and just store it. We are way lacking any storage space. 
  • anniez85anniez85 member
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    @footdrbritt just picked up a baby monitor ($140 off!) and a high chair ($40 off). Both things were on my registry so I knew were things I wanted and had already researched. We also had some Amazon gift cards from work so made it a great deal today :) 

    anyone else’s partner freaking out about storing baby stuff? I want to save as much as we can so buying things during prime or Black Friday is going to be so key for me. Trying to keep it limited to smaller items lol. 
  • @anniez85 which baby monitor did you get? That sounds like an incredible deal!
  • @anniez85 which monitor? We need a new one—we had an owlet but I wasn’t super impressed 
  • @r_kenn99 @footdrbritt I ended up grabbing the nanit package, it included the nanit for the nursery, the breathing swaddle, the sheets and the travel adaptor for when we go away or baby goes to my in laws. I wasn’t worried about having a separate monitor from my phone as I have an iPad that I rarely use so will set it up on that. 
  • @anniez85 OMG thank you for that! I just snagged the nanit too! That is such a good sale! And for anyone thinking of monitors it is a really good one! I literally trialled like 8 different ones with my frost born and the nanit was by far the best to ease your new mama mind when it comes to infant sleep. 
  • @greenbean88 I did giggle at that. "I have a headache. I have a headache. I have a headache." So relatable.
  • Is anyone else struggling with naming their baby?  I know it's early, but I like to come up with the name early so I can start calling the baby by their name.  We have been able to agree fairly early on with our other three, but we just are not this time.  We have completely different taste in girl's names!
  • @sparklingdiamond we have a few we are tossing around, since this is our last I think hubs is wanting something unique and I’m more wanting it to flow with the other 2 kiddos names. Top contenders now are Owen and Levi. He’s leaning more towards wanting a spiritual type name, I told him he can pick the middle name as long as it goes well with the baby’s first name. 
  • @sparklingdiamond definitely!  I have a couple names that I really like, but my husband isn’t sold. He really wants to use his grandmother’s name, Josephine, as either her first or middle name but I don’t really care for it and my son’s middle name is Joseph so it feels repetitive to me.
  • r_kenn99r_kenn99 member
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    Any mamas here have used or plan on using cloth diapers? I’m working on our registry and would love some input on favorite brands. I’m liking Esembly but my knowledge is limited!

    Also, not sure if diapers will be in an upcoming product spotlight so apologies if I’m getting ahead! I couldn’t find the post with the product list. 

    Edit: I found the list and it’s coming up week of Aug. 8! 
  • @r_kenn99 I’m looking forward to that post too. We used disposables with my first 2… but I might try cloth this go around since I’m staying home with the baby. My sister cloth diapered my nephew so I’ll probably be picking her brain a bit too. 
  • @r_kenn99 we’re doing esembly cloth diapers too! I put a bunch on our registry after two friends said they swore by that brand. Hoping for the best!
  • @jesofthenorth Ah that’s great to hear! Thanks!
  • I just need to vent! My toddler was up from 1:30am-4:30am last night with teething pain and I just am not coping with the sleep deprivation well since being pregnant. It makes the nausea during the day 100X worse and I’m honestly terrified for when this baby comes how I will handle two littles waking in the night! I am praying this baby is a unicorn sleeper because my toddler is showing no signs of sleeping through the night anytime soon! It doesn’t help my husband works nights 4on4off so it’s just me 50% of time and my toddler wants me 100% of the time lol I am desperate to get him sleeping through the night in his own room I just have no idea how to help him get there
  • Definitely just had noticeable Braxton hicks for the first time this pregnancy! I forgot how bizarre that feels. Anyone else feeling them yet?

    @tryingktogku sorry about your toddler! That’s rough. My first took a while to sleep train, and it took some tough love. My 2nd, I never had to do anything, he’s just been a good sleeper from the start. Also my nausea is basically gone unless I have to work night shift (like last weekend). Then I’m nauseated like the whole shift.
  • @tryingktogku that’s so rough :( Hoping something gives for you soon! Sleep deprivation is the worst feeling.

    Does anyone else notice just night and day differences at this stage? I’ve been so miserably nauseous and tired for the last two months, then all of a sudden Wednesday I ate 3 full meals for the first time since May, and I’ve been downright manic with energy to get up and do things. I know lil potato is fine, we saw on dr and did an us Tuesday. I’ll take the energy boost, it’s just such a strange flip!
  • I used the 80-20 method with my son, and highly recommend it (I was lazy). When he was a newborn, we used disposables until he was about 3 months old. Then I used cloth diapers at home, disposables at night or while out for a while.
    I really found it more manageable than I thought, and I didn't really need the 24-30 diapers most recommend (I had about 10-15). This time around, I plan to get a few more, but def start with disposables in newborn phase.  It wasn't until our son was 3 years old that he was potty trained, so it was worth it for us. Some is better than none!
    Good luck!
  • @daffodil_shoe I've been having BH too! It took me a sec to realize what was happening. They've definitely started earlier with every pregnancy!

    @cc_clark I'm so glad you're feeling better!

    @miracleshappen04 same here! I'm glad other people agree it doesn't always have to be one or the other. I was opposite though - we started off right away with cloth. 
  • Advice please!
    I go for my 13 week appointment on Monday and I honestly filled out all the paperwork without reading. So I signed to get the CVS test for cystic fibrosis and now that I have done research and talked to my SO I do not want that test. I am a very big people pleaser so I don't really know how to go about telling my doctor that I changed my mind and no longer want that test. Any suggestions on what to say? TIA!

    BTW. this is my 2nd pregnancy. However, my OB moved so this is a new doctor and this will only be my 2nd time meeting/seeing her so I don't know her very well.
  • @jessicadmillard just be honest and say you originally thought you wanted but then after the further research you want to opt out. They should be completely understanding. You should be able to tell the front desk person and they should be able to help update that form. I went through all the forms hurriedly too, and asked for further clarification after the fact and my group was great at explaining all the tests and then helping me decide which ones were needed or wanted. 
  • @jessicadmillard
    doctor here myself, I promise they won’t care. Just tell them you accidentally checked it, no biggie. You can just tell the front desk and they should help you out as @bwow615 said! It is not a big deal at all, try not to sweat it ❤️
  • @bwow615 @footdrbritt thank y'all I don't know why I'm so nervous!
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