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Kicking/Hitting Cervix

Does anyone else feel like their baby is kicking their cervix? I’ll be 22 weeks tomorrow and my baby is already head down. This is my second pregnancy. With my first, I didn’t feel these types of movements until closer to the third trimester. 

Re: Kicking/Hitting Cervix

  • I’m 21 weeks with my third. This baby seems to flip back and forth all day, some kicks are felt up top and some are super low like you described. It was more noticeable with my second earlier that she was doing that and we caught this one on ultrasound doing the same gymnastics. It’s likely your baby is just doing some somersaults and kicking while they are foot down since they don’t consistently stay head down until much later. Your bladder and cervix are their little punching bag 😩 
  • Hahahaha, yes, it's her favorite place to kick. Like Gingermom said, she's likely rolling around in there, since they still have a lot of room to do that right now.
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  • ftmhemftmhem member
    YES all the time and I'm 22 weeks. Cervix is her trampoline and bladder is her punching bag for sure. 
  • Hey ladies, I’m 21 weeks and today have been feeling occasional sharp pains in what feels like my bladder… just wondering what it feels like for you (since you mention it above). I keep thinking it’s likely baby girl kicking there, but I can’t tell as I feel movement in other places too and don’t remember those sharp pains with my first! 
  • ftmhemftmhem member
    For me it's not sharp, just tingly then I have to pee suddenly. 
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