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  • I’m in my First trimester. I have frequent headaches & scalp tenderness (feel more like migraines, insomnia from hell (taking me 2-3 hrs to fall asleep & severely congested. I know they are usually normal. Has anyone else been experiencing or has experienced this? 
  • The last couple of weeks I’ve had terrible insomnia.  Anyone have any remedies for this? I also have restless legs and am slathering on the magnesium lotion already but am logging only like 5-6 hrs of interrupted sleep a night in two segments (pre-pregnancy was getting 7-8 uninterrupted weekdays, 8-9 weekends) and it’s starting to wear on my mental state.  Also lower back pain and knots and my left rib (I have one extra on that side) is absolutely killing me.  I had one night where I got 8 hours of sleep  (still with a 2 hr awake window in the middle) and my rib felt so much better that day but I feel like my body just can’t recuperate with the lack of sleep rn.  I take naps on the weekend but it’s not feasible most weekdays with my work schedule.
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  • I'm not sleeping either. Even before everyone got sick I was managing between 4-6 hours of sleep. I can't fall asleep and then with sick kids I'm getting woken up for some ridiculous reason and a few legitimate ones. Now I have a sore throat and a cough that involves me hacking stuff up so I have to get out of bed for that. I'm so very tired. 
  • krthousekrthouse member
    Sleep has been totally hit or miss for me lately. Magnesium supplement has hugely helped me with restless legs, but turning my brain off to sleep and waking up several times to pee, hydrate, potentially take a tums and reposition has been messing with it. Some nights are great and I only get up once, other nights I barely sleep at all. Also finding I'm incredibly stiff in the mornings and my Braxton Hicks are often super strong now.
  • The sleeping problem has also hit me in the third trimester.  I wake up constantly because I'm uncomfortable, or have to pee, or I'm thirsty, or my mind is racing.  I have a relatively good sleep routine in place and take magnesium supplements every night, but what used to work just isn't doing the trick.  The heat can't be helping either (currently in a terrible heat wave and even with AC it feels sticky).  I feel terrible when I wake up now.  
  • bows22bows22 member
    @krthouse solidarity. everyone on the planet is trying my patience these days. I did get in bed and cry yesterday out of frustration and I felt so much better.
  • Fatigue is back to the party! Yesterday I was so tired, and my belly hurt after a workday of almost constant movement from little man. It might have been gas, but I think there was also maybe a growth spurt and my uterus needed to catch up, as I feel much better with no belly pain after a night of sleep. 
  • Is anyone else dealing with near-debilitating headaches? Mine faded for a while but now they’re back with a nauseating vengeance. My BP is ok so it doesn’t seem to be related to anything serious.
  • krthousekrthouse member
    @katiekins029 I've been getting more frequent headaches, but not severe like that, due in part to lots of air pressure and humidity changes we've had lately. When I start to feel one coming on I take a Tylenol extra strength because sometimes if I don't pre-empt the worst of one it can get really bad. If I make sure to get a small amount of caffeine intake each day it does  help.
  • @krthouse I’ve been wondering if weather has something to do with mine as well…they seem to have gotten worse as we’ve had changes in humidity and such too. I’m already headache and migraine prone so I’m assuming this is just a temporary fun pregnancy side effect. 🤪
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