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July Symptoms

How's everyone feeling, mamas?

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  • rcgwrcgw member
    Today my hips feel painful, almost like my right leg is out of socket? I can't tell if this is normal pregnancy hips loose/widening or if I slept on it weird or if this is a real problem. (I've had my hip dislocate a couple times in the past but it's been 15 ish years since the last time so I'm trying to remember that, but everything feels different because pregnant.)
  • I have gotten a belly band because during the second half of my walks, the downhill portion, my right hip starts to hurt. That hip flexor is a problem child and my expanded core is not helping it.
    I now have Birkenstocks and a pair of Sketchers Bobs slides because tying my shoelaces regularly is completely untenable (thanks SIL and MIL for saving me).

    Let’s see, what else… I’ve had some mild pelvic-ish area discomfort which I’m going through bring up at my 28-week appt and GD screening on Tuesday. Thinking it’s related to the same issue as my hip flexor. 

    Have been largely insomnia-free which is nice, except for once or twice in the last two weeks, BUT officially going into third trimester, I wake up literally every time I need to roll over. I’m still not even that big, so… this one will be a blast. 
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  • krthousekrthouse member
    In the last two days I've been getting this very achy sore pain right in what feels like my abdominal muscle just a couple inches about my belly button. It almost feels like it's bruised from the inside? It doesn't last all day, but kicked in around the same time and lingered for about the same amount of time on my work shifts. I don't remember experiencing this in my first pregnancy. Any thoughts on this one or anyone else experience this?
  • My right hip is killing me. I have a belly band but it's so uncomfortable I never wear it. 
  • As your belly gets bigger the abdominal muscles will stretch and can cause soreness.
  • Yeah. I had actually worked really hard to.lose thirty pounds before this baby. My abs had never been so strong. The hip pain this time isn't has bad as with my previous three babies but I have a feeling the more weight I put on the more it hurts. 
  • bows22bows22 member
    Is anyone else doing the opposite of nesting?? I have so much to do and it’s just making me overwhelmed and wanting to withdraw from everything and do nothing 
  • @bows22 ME!!!! I want to get stuff done and this is normally stuff I love doing but I just can't. I don't even have paint swatches and I LOVE paint swatches. 
  • @bows22 Me too! I just can’t bring myself to do it. I need to start going through what I have to see what I still need, but I just did don’t have the energy to do it. I definitely nested with my first two and I wish I was wanting to this time.
  • Wondering if anyone else has experienced this or
    knows what it is? I have a few of these spots on my hands, despite exfoliating almost daily and moisturizing multiple times per day. They’re not really itchy, just very dry. I haven’t noticed them anywhere else. I plan on asking my OB at my next appointment, but I’m curious if the group has any thoughts.
  • I have those as well on my chest, arms, and face. Mine is reacting to sunscreen and it's awful. I've been using CeraVe moisturizing cream on it multiple times a day. 
  • rcgwrcgw member
    @katiekins029 I get super dry cracked hands; I use this at night (it's pretty thick/oily so I don't like it during the day often) and it makes a world of difference. 

    2 pack - Swedish Dream Sea Salt Hand Creme https://a.co/8I7yGUn
  • moogieksmoogieks member
    @katiekins029 I've gotten bad eczema spots on my hands and wrists since being pregnant. Could very well be that. It's maddening if it's really bad and itchy but helps not to take too long hot showers and use the Cera ve cream moisturizer. Mine flares up and dies down so yours looks like the "milder" stage, just dry and flakey. When it gets hives is when it ITCHES like crazy so definitely try to stay on top of it if you can.
  • @moogieks @rcgw @krysnicole1022 thank you for the suggestions! I’ll definitely pick a couple things to try to help today. Appreciate it!
  • Same here with the right hip pain, but only if I've been walking or standing a bunch.
  • I'm surprised so many of you also have right hip pain! Mine has been really bad for the last month-- so bad that by the end of the day, I can barely walk around the house. But it's tolerable in the morning. It feels like a nerve is being compressed right in the inner hip/groin. Stretching does not help, although the area is also tight. I'm worried about it getting worse as the pregnancy progresses and am going to ask my midwife about it, although I don't expect anything to help. I'm thinking about getting some crutches from the thrift store but idk. 

    Also, I'm just fatigued, especially by the end of the day. I had a CBC along with my glucose screen, and apparently I still have anemia, despite my large daily dose of iron + VitC. I'll up it a little bit.

    I also keep getting this annoying dry/flaking at the corners of my mouth, which is apparently a fungal infection called angular cheilitis. My dentist told me what it was and said it was common in pregnancy because of the immune system changes. meh.
  • ferret22ferret22 member
    I have hip pain too but it's pretty even on both sides. It mostly kicks in at night, so I wake up every hour or so to flip over. I'm too unwieldy to roll around without waking myself up lol. If you have hip pain, def see if your insurance covers physical therapy. I went to PT and she found that my pelvis was rotated. She manually pushed it back into place and gave me exercises to strengthen the muscles. It definitely helped me walk around easier and reduced the pain.

    I am also still so nauseous. 😭
    I can eat a few more foods now though, so that's a good sign! I'm glad I'm not just stuck with protein shakes and bread anymore. I can now do chicken, apples, and chocolate. Progress!
  • @katiekins029 I get that from being dry. Make sure to use hand-specific moisturizer if you’re not doing so already, and I’ll suggest Aquaphor twice daily. It’s really thick and works WONDERS for me when that happens.
  • I use CeraVe ointment over the cream for rough spots to seal in the moisturizer. 
  • moogieksmoogieks member
    @ferret22 I get my hip pain at night too, whatever side I'd been laying on and have to turn but dang does it still persist. Only better after getting up. I also get SORE under my left rib cage near the center/top from laying on my side. I mentioned it months ago to my OB and he said that's normal but it still really gets me.

    My feet have the tendency to get swollen towards the end of the day too. Which is annoying bc that's when I need to stand for an hour to make dinner lol. 
  • krthousekrthouse member
    edited July 13
    Pregnancy clumsiness has been on fire lately. I remember this from my first pregnancy and it's apparently from all the relaxin in our systems, but I have been dropping things SO MUCH lately. I just dropped an open tupperware full of leftover taco meat all over our kitchen. The other night I dropped a countertop mirror in our bathroom. I dropped the clips I use on dresses at work all the time. I can't trust these pregger hands, y'all!
  • I'm constantly dropping stuff and tripping. 
  • Hip dislocated when I tried to stand up today. Popped it back in. Guess I'll be wearing my hip sling tomorrow.
  • krthousekrthouse member
    @krysnicole1022 Ummm ouch! Is this a common pregnancy thing or an old injury aggravated by pregnancy?
  • Has anyone else felt like their tummy “dropped “ ?im only 26 weeks pregnant but I feel like my tummy is lower than it was a couple of weeks ago.
    Also my tummy is huge - im already noticing things that I experienced in my late third trimester are starting now- like for example my tummy is hitting the steering wheel when I drive (im very short but still) . I can’t get up off of a floor without assistance- i cant reach over a tub to clean it, etc . I finally told my husband I couldn’t clean the house so I hired a cleaner! I cleaned my house until like 35 weeks with my daughter. 
  • @krthouse it's an old injury but it only happens when I'm heavier than normal so it's bad during pregnancy. 
  • I feel IRRATIONALLY FURIOUS at everyone and everything today. Like not angry at anything specific, but also angry at all of it. New feeling for me since I'm usually pretty positive. But not today!

    Step on a crumb? WHO PUT THIS HERE


    Dog need a walk but it is too hot? WHY DO WE LIVE SOMEWHERE WHERE IT GETS THIS HOT
  • krthousekrthouse member
    @stephers_ Oh my gosh me toooooo. I went to bed early last night largely so I wouldn't be able to see anything new to enrage me 😂
  • SAME
    Currently mad because my husband is sick (he doesn't leave the house so I know I brought it home) and our contractor can't come work on the walls in the baby's room because he's sick.
  • Has anyone had trouble gaining weight during pregnancy? This is my 3rd & the first time this has been a issue. I was sick during my first trimester is all. I’m 29 weeks and have gained 10pds but can’t seem to get over that. The dr told me last week I need to pack on the weight a little more. I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t ask questions, but does anyone know if this can cause issues with the baby?
  • krthousekrthouse member
    @proudmama810 I'm still below my pre-pregnancy weight. I gained a good 30-40lbs with my first, but with this one lost in first trimester and still haven't gained all of that back. I have a higher BMI though so my midwife said that's normal
  • Currently struggling hard with how my body looks. I'm very happy with the bump and the boobs (because I don't normally have much up there) but the weight in my legs and arms is a really sore spot for me and I want to cry. And I know I look okay for a pregnant woman in her mid 30s having her fourth baby but I'm really struggling with seeing the dimply water retention legs and arms I have. I worked really hard to be happy with my body for the first time in my life and this has been harder than I anticipated. I think I spotted a stretch mark, which I had avoided with my other three babies, and it's really messing with me. My husband spends a large part of his day telling me how attractive he finds me but he's been so sick I haven't gotten that outside validation from him. He absolutely loves me pregnant and I'm so grateful for my growing belly but it's just been hard on me mentally lately. 
  • @proudmama810 Have they done a growth ultrasound? I would guess if the baby is growing okay then not to worry about it too much. 
  • tpecitpeci member
    edited July 22
    @proudmama810 same here, my toddler brought so many viruses that I've put on about 10lbs at almost 27w whereas last time I had put on 20lbs by this date. Belly is growing well though and I do have follow up growth u/s soon because of my last pregnancy so I'm curious to see if it did affect baby. Crossing my fingers he's doing well. I'm trying so hard to eat and was finally on a better weight gain trend until I got influenza that complicated into asthma exacerbation and sinusitis so I've been sick for two weeks+. Yay? 

    Question for you ladies if anyone else has pelvic girdle dysfunction. I honestly don't have time to go do physiotherapy so anyone has a go to pelvic support belt? Exercises or online maternity yoga/exercise site to recommend? I'm barely walking some days, it's getting quite intense :( 

    Edit because words are hard.
  • They have not done a growth ultrasound. They just measure my belly which is also on the small side. 
  • moogieksmoogieks member
    @krysnicole1022 I can't seem to stop gaining 2lbs a WEEK. So yes my ass and thighs are massive and I can see the weight gain in my face but I think it just has to be some of the sacrifice. It's really hard because I used to be FIT. Helps me to remember that I'm pregnant, bringing a LIFE into this world. There's going to be some sacrifices, and that's where the beauty is. I can always workout again and diet. But if it's in the cards for me to gain 50lbs to put my baby into my arms, girl imma do it. It's a struggle. And I need to buy more maternity clothes so that I stop feeling bad about not fitting into my clothes. I think my weight gain is trade off for no nausea.

    But you're not alone, you gotta catch yourself and stop saying bad things about your body in your mind and tell yourself things you'd tell your best friend about their body struggles in this time. Sending love!
  • Aycul18Aycul18 member
    I’m having like the most insane hot flashes. This is crazy. I don’t remember them with my 1st, but that was also 9 years ago 😅
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  • ferret22ferret22 member
    @proudmama810 I'm having trouble keeping weight on / gaining enough too. I've been too nauseous. Have you tried seeing if there's any calorie dense foods you could try sneaking in? I was able to add in walnuts and muffins which helped up my calorie intake. Even though I haven't gained enough, my baby is measuring fine via ultrasound. I'm overweight though, so that might be helping me. Hopefully your baby will measure fine too. If only it were this easy to lose weight when I'm not pregnant! 
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