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How did you pick?!!

Due with our first baby, a girl, this October. We have narrowed it down to a few names and surprisingly really liked a few of the same names as we went through name lists and books separately and kept track of our name lists separately. But now I’m not sure what is going to tip the scales for me in any direction I’m so indecisive! My husband has been testing them all out and calling the baby all three of our mutual top names randomly to see if it sticks but we both just continue to like them all haha!  We aren’t really thinking that seeing her will make the difference and kind of want to know and have a decision before she arrives. How did everyone land on their name if they were between a couple/few?

Re: How did you pick?!!

  • Some people take a couple names to the hospital and decide once they meet their baby.
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  • My husband and I have our top choices and plan to meet the little one first before making and final decisions 
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  • What are the top three contenders?
  • We brought names to the hospital.  After meeting baby it was so much easier to choose!
  • We easily settled on a first name and had some choices for a middle name.  On the way to the hospital my husband brought up a previously discarded middle name and it just felt right.  (We were planning on calling our son by his middle name, so felt the same pressure to get it right as a first name.  Some things happened and the first name just kinda stuck.  Now he goes by it and we love it.)
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    People say to see which of your finalists feel right when you "meet" the baby but I think you might know sooner if you just take the pressure off for now and see which one you are drawn toward when you get closer to the due date, like August/September. I remember having two that I was torn with for a while but as things got more real one felt a lot more right then the other and I didn't have to see her first to know that. For example one day in my final month I was freaking out cuz I didn't feel her moving for a little longer than usual (just me being paranoid) and in my head I was like "come on, _____, move for me!" calling her the name we ended up picking. Also maybe ask yourself "if my husband crossed this name off the list would I be ok with it or really disappointed?" 
  • With our girls we had a list but decided to wait to meet them before choosing. We did end up using our top choices both times. Had our third or fourth been a girl we would have had top choices for girls each time (usually the back up name we took to the hospital).
     With our first son we had a name we kind of liked but didn't love. We went into the hospital with basically no plan. We both saw him and immediately said the same name plus a double middle name which we had never discussed. We have absolutely zero names we love for this boy so I'm just trying to compile a list of names I kind of sort of like and we are just going to take those to the hospital.
  • Thanks everyone! We took the pressure off to pick and it finally came to me clear as crystal one day which it was supposed to be and now we are good to go :)
  • Our baby name selection was a bit easy, each parent was to select a name from here and we did heads and tail con toss for the top name from each parent.
  • For our first we just looked through lists and there was only one name that we kept coming back to, and we used our dads names for the middle names which made it easy. And the names flowed together so we got lucky there. For our second we have chosen all family names. It’s a girl this time. So we chose names from my two grandmothers and my boyfriends great grandma. It’s sentimental and it made it easy to pick names. Less to go through! And it allowed us to have a very unique, but not totally out there first name!
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