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GTKY Tuesday 6/28

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What job would you be terrible at?

Re: GTKY Tuesday 6/28

  • Project manager lol. I do NOT have the organizational skills required to perform a job like that!
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  • lilswedlilswed member
    Customer service or sales - too sarcastic and introverted
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  • Nursing, or any other job where I could be puked on. It wouldn't be good for me to reciprocate the vomiting.
  • @fantasyflyte that’s hilarious because I am a nurse and die a little inside every time someone throws up. Luckily, I take care of grownups and can hand them a bag and let them handle it if it’s safe to do so 😂 
    I stay in ortho inpatient now so I will have to handle vomit and sputum as little as humanly possible. That is not the life for me. 

  • Retail/customer service management. The 3 years I was a fast food manager a million years ago was worth a lifetime of customer entitlement and belittlement for me. I absolutely do not have the patience anymore for such people. 
  • lol, I worked with seniors for over a decade and in care homes for 8 years. I handed way too many bodily fluids, including multiple rounds of gastro and a lady with a colostomy bag who liked to pick it off daily. I was also the one the others called when they couldn't handle dealing with an injury (we had a few seniors who came back from the hospitals with bedsores)
    Momma to 3 angels and two amazing children
    F born June 2018
    W born September 2020
    #3 due November 2022
  • @mflowers929 nothing else bothers me but sputum and retching sounds. I would rather clean a c diff patient up all day than suction a single trach. I cannot 😂 gnarly wounds, ostomies, other body fluids, blood, purulent drainage, gangrene, dehisced wounds - they don’t bother me a bit. I’m thinking about lunch while I change the dressing on the stage 4 ulcer with visible bone and tendon. 

    But, so help me, if I hear the yankauer I am gagging. I wouldn’t survive without my best friends in respiratory. 
  • @Gingermom15 I am so thankful there are amazing nurses like you!

    For my part I could never be a police officer.  I hate driving, esp. driving fast and I don't like to confront people. 
  • An event planner. I get so much stress and anxiety planning things. Not hiring a wedding planner for my wedding is a huge regret. 
  • A teacher. I don't have the patience to deal with abunch of kids not listening and I get so frustrated when I'm trying to explain something and someone doesn't understand. Not to mention the pay is no incentive. I'm very thankful there are people willing to take on the task. They deserve way more then they get, IMO.
  • Oh jeez… I couldn’t be a police officer or fire fighter. In the moment I’d have adrenaline to do what I was needed to do but I’d probably have nightmares every night and be in intense therapy. Confrontation and high risk situations freak me out. 
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  • An accountant or computer programmer. Too much computers and not enough creativity.  I make and teach art and I’m not great at numbers or organizing 
  • Social worker. As a teacher I have a hard time not taking problems home with me and worrying about those kids. I can’t imagine seeing the darker side and letting it go. 
  • @melissacollins28 I totally agree with you! I am a teacher too and we have had a lot of social worker burn out.   They definitely see the darker side especially during this pandemic. 
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