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Hi mommies! 
I’m a first time mom. I thought I felt baby move a week ago and it was like a fast tight pinch. It kind of hurt but I haven’t felt it since. I’ll be 19 weeks on Tuesday. Has anyone else not felt baby move yet? I’m stressing myself out. Lol

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  • I am 19 weeks today. I have felt a couple of fast kicks. I have felt what feels like vibrations. And today is the first day she has moved all day that it is unmistakable that it is her moving. But up until today most of what I have felt was tightness and hard knots where she has balled up and pressed up against me. 
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    That makes sense! I know she’ll probably move soon. I just get so anxious 
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  • 18 weeks here, and I also haven't felt anything yet. My coworker is also expecting, and she didn't feel anything until 20 weeks, so I'm trying not to worry! 
  • @summ23 The fast tight pinch you felt was more likely round ligament pain. Early baby movement will be fluttery, light, and won't hurt. It's very normal not to feel baby move until later. 
  • @summ23 don’t stress! I am 19 weeks along (first time mom) and I just now felt the baby move a few days ago! I agree with ashnicell that what you described sounds more like round ligament pain. Baby moving feels more like a little fluttering butterfly, not a pinch. When you got your ultrasound, did they tell you where your placenta was placed? I have a posterior placenta (closer to my back) and my OB said this would mean I would likely feel the baby moving a few weeks sooner than someone with an anterior placenta would feel it. So it could be that your placenta is just blocking you from feeling it for now! 
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    I haven’t gotten my ultrasound yet. But you ladies are the best! That makes me feel so much better.
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    First-time mom here and 19 weeks tomorrow. I *think* I have felt some flutters here and there but to be honest I can't say for sure. It's likely something much less glamorous like gas or digestion.  :p
  • Another first time mom who has no idea if I’m feeling the baby or gastrointestinal distress! How do you know?!?!?!
  • I don’t know how to describe it besides voice kicks that shock you and butterflies. 
    My office ac unit is in my office. We work in trailers. And today every single time the unit would turn on it must have scared her because it felt like she was doing flips. It is a very unique feeling. 
  • During my first pregnancy for  me it always felt like gas bubbles moving around like getting feast for a good  Pretty sure mostly that was the baby.  time I know what the feeling is so I started noticing it earlier on.    
  • I’m 19w5d and still no clear movements yet. It’s hard to distinguish between gas and digestion and flutters! Waiting for a clear kick or movement…. I’m so impatient!
  • The pinch was almost certainly not a baby movement. Baby movements rarely cause a sharp pain like a pinch, especially at this age. Right now, they are more like flutters or bubbles, or I’ve described mine as tingly feeling. Even towards the end, any pain tends more toward discomfort or dull pain as opposed to sharp pain. 

    I’m 18 weeks and still haven’t felt anything I can definitively say was movement. I never feel movement very early, and I’m a fourth time mom and know what it feels like. 
  • I am 20 weeks(FTM), and have been feeling motion for awhile. I think I felt the first motion right around 12 weeks, but baby was measuring closer to 13. I do have a posterior placenta, and am relatively thin, so that may help.

    I understand why people describe it as bubbles, but for me it genuinely felt like someone tapping or touching me from the inside. The very first time it felt like someone swiped a pinky finger gently against my lower stomach area, and they continued to get more distinct from that. Early on I could only feel him if I was laying very still in bed, now I feel him consistently even if im sitting or moving around a little. It is such a magical feeling, but im a little worried once he gets bigger,since they've been so strong so early!
  • I will be 20 weeks on Sunday and today my husband felt the baby for the first time. So exciting! 
  • So as others have said the pinching was not likely to be baby but rather muscle or ligament pain.
    How and when you feel movement depends on a number of things, including placenta positioning (in the front you feel less), amount of amniotic fluid (more fluid=more room to move=less feeling of those movements), and also just babies personality - yes it's obvious pretty early on lol.
    So as an example -
    My son I had a posterior placenta (to the back) and he was very active. I felt him before 13 weeks and it felt like a butterfly. Started feeling him more regularly around 15 weeks
    My daughter I had an anterior placenta (in the front) and she was also very active. I felt her around 15 weeks and it felt like gas. I felt her more regularly around 18 weeks.
    This baby I have an anterior placenta again and baby is very lazy (it's always sleeping when I have an ultrasound). I'm 20 weeks, started feeling some movement around 16 weeks that felt like pushing/stretching of muscles, but I haven't felt anything regularly yet.
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  • I really dislike days that the baby decides to be lazy and not move a lot. 
  • FTM too. I've heard it all depends. I started feeling flutters around 14 weeks, and distinguishable kicks since right before 18 weeks (kicking as I type this). I'm not sure about my placenta, but I am smaller framed and baby is sitting low and always active. I'm now 20 weeks and baby kicks regularly, it makes it even more difficult to sleep through the night. 
  • @ashsquared22 I always used to say that my babies loved having dance parties in the middle of the night XD
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    F born June 2018
    W born September 2020
    #3 due November 2022
  • This baby seems so lazy compared to my other two. But I think part of it might be placenta location. I’m going to ask on Friday at my anatomy scan where the placenta is. When I do get kicks they are low or to the side.
  • @chuckle_sandwich it sounds like you might have an anterior. This is my second anterior placenta and I really only feel kicks super low or to the sides, just like I did with my first. I had a posterior with my daughter and felt kicks all over the place. I thought my son was a bum at first, but at every appointment and NST he was moving quite a bit, I just didn’t feel it. It sure makes kick counts later more stressful 👎 
  • @Gingermom15 That’s what I’m assuming too.
  • yeah, anterior placenta here as well and I've only started to feel slight probably-baby-but-could-be-gas-but-probably-baby mainly on the sides and low.
  • I also have an anterior placenta but it is high, so I do feel quite a few kicks, they're all just low. He is also breech at the moment, so his feet are lower than my placenta. Optimal for kicking my bladder.
  • @mflowers929 haha, that's a nice thought! It definitely feels that way. 
  • It is amazing to watch the baby’s movements make my stomach jump for the first time. Tonight she was going crazy in there while I was laying on the sofa. 
  • I felt baby girl do a roll just a little while ago while I was laying with DS. Always such a weird feeling lol
    Momma to 3 angels and two amazing children
    F born June 2018
    W born September 2020
    #3 due November 2022
  • So much fun tonight. About 6 weeks ago I started noticing movements so I downloaded some music that I used for my son 17 years ago. It’s the Praise Baby collection and the Baby Mozart collection. Well tonight I played some of the Praise Baby music and she went crazy over it. She was making noticeable bouncing waves across my stomach. It will never cease to amaze me how babies respond in the womb. 
  • DH sneezed really loudly 2x today and I felt baby boy jump both time. Only 24 weeks gestation and daddy's sneezes already scare him.
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