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GTKY 6/14

Are you more of a podcasts or a music person?  

I listen to podcasts almost exclusively.  I love Couples Therapy, The Greatest Generation, Were you Raised by Wolves, and almost any cooking or baking cast. 

Re: GTKY 6/14

  • js1213js1213 member
    Music. Haven't gotten into podcasts. The *one* I've listened to is "Grownups read things they wrote when they were younger" or something like that. 
  • I'm more music, with the exception of one comedy podcast my husband and I enjoy from some Youtubers we follow. In the car it's music I can sing along with, but when I'm studying it's either instrumental video game soundtrack or low-fi since lyrics mess with my concentration.
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  • Between the two, I'd have to say music because I don't really listen to any podcasts. I do love audiobooks though and usually listen to about 30 books a year.
  • I flow between the two. I like just having noise in the background so for things like that I prefer music. But, I like to listen to podcasts during my commute. Mostly True Crime, but I also enjoy Armchair Experts, Smartless, and Pod Save America. 
  • Music. I'm a bit of a luddite and never figured out how to look for/listen to podcasts. But I prefer music to match my mood anyways.
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  • I listen to both. Right now it is classical music to focus on homework. The last podcast I listen to this year was The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill. So good…so frustrating… and a coworker is trying hard to get me
    to listen to The Bert Show. 
  • Mostly audio books, but love music and podcasts. Malcom Gladwells podcast, anything by Serial, Currently listening to Nice White Parents. 
  • @lilswed Yay! Another podcast listener. I also listen to audiobooks.
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    I like music but I listen to more podcasts and audio books.   Used the listen to a lot of murder podcasts but it made me scared of everything. From way back I like this American life and radio lab, Serial Killers is a good murder podcast, I like Behind the Bastards-usually a bit depressing but they make it funny, and I love heavyweight, Dolly parton’s America was a good series.   I got the Libby app on my phone and download audiobooks from the library.  There are tons available. Sometimes you have to wait a while before you can check something out but it’s a fun surprise when it becomes available. 
  • @autumn87654321 I love Libby! And this American life is a great one too.
  • @ponyoisfun what are you listening to? I find a lot of teachers are podcast peeps. 
  • @lilswed I also enjoyed Nice White Parents, but outside of that I listen to the Rich Roll podcast and to one called Joy and Claire.  
  • If I need background noise, music. Otherwise, I loooove podcasts and audiobooks. All of Brene Browns work is phenomenal to me! Her books, podcasts, etc.
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  • I like podcasts when I’m doing chores or sewing or anything else that doesn’t involve constant brain power (like work). I wish I had more I liked. So hard to find good ones. I listen to music sometimes, but we don’t pay for any streaming services, so we’re stuck with iheart radio or similar with adblocker, which is random, or playing individual songs on YouTube. 
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