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Product Spotlight: Diapering

This week's spotlight is all about diapering. As always tell us what you like, don't like, worked/didn't, what do you recommend and what to avoid.

Diapers: Cloth? Disposable?

Wipes: What works for you and your family?

Diaper Rash treatment

Changing pad

Feel free to resurrect this thread as needed.

Re: Product Spotlight: Diapering

  • We've always done Honest Co and Hello Bello as a combo. My kids have sensitive skin and even the sensitive Pampers and stuff did a number on them. Plus they reek when they get pee in them. Honest company was the only diaper that my kids didn't pee through. Hello Bello didn't last at night. 
    My second daughter got a horrific yeast rash from pampers sensitive wipes. Like ... didn't sleep for months she was in so much pain because it caused an eczema flare on her tender baby bits and she cried non stop for months. She had such bad rashes for years that she had to wear a onesie until she was out of diapers at 2. 
    We use those wipes as well. 
    My two favorite diapering products are CeraVe baby ointment. Aquaphor equals eczema and rash in this house. Plain blue tub of desitin with one of those baby butt paddles has become my go to. I also always and I mean ALWAYS keep monistat 7 on hand. Yeast rashes are vicious. Some doctors send you to lotrimin or them but that's an expensive tiny tube and it isn't always effective. Monistat works like a charm. 
  • We did disposable for the first few months, then did cloth (BumGenius all-in-ones, because they seemed the most convenient at the time). The switch was much easier than expected! We got a $20 toilet sprayer for poop, a couple wet bags and laundry bag, and were pretty much good to go. We’d use a fragrance-free detergent, wash once on a quick cycle and again on a heavy-duty cycle. We saved a ton of $$ and can use the diapers again with our next baby 🙂 if anyone considers cloth, the Facebook group Fluff Love and CD Science is really helpful.

    We’ll do disposable for the early days though because the diapers we have would be too big. 

    For diaper rash, just the ButtPaste was good but generally just fanning our daughter off between changes was most effective at keeping them at bay. We just had a thick card we’d use to fan her off. Excess moisture can cause the rash, so an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

    Wipes were never really an issue, we’d just get whatever fragrance-free ones were on sale.
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  • We used a cloth diaper service and now use Hello Bello, Aleva natural wipes (my midwives have these at their clinic so I figured I'd trust their recommendation), and we've also used hello bello wipes but I prefer the Aleva ones for less irritation. Also use the Aleva diaper cream. Keekaroo change pad has been fantastic as it's cushy and wipeable. 
  • bows22bows22 member
    We used pampers, just the normal kind. At first we thought they sucked but they have a tucked in part around the legs that you have to fluff out or they will leak. Someone had to tell us that and we had no issues after that. 

    For wipes we loved the sams club fragrance free. I think at some point right when DD became potty trained they stopped selling them? But it looks like they are back now. It’s nice if someone throws you or your partner a diaper party and then you get to try out a bunch of different kinds. 

    Triple paste was by far the best diaper cream for us 

    We have the hatch baby changing pad/scale because everyone was obsessed with how much DD was drinking and it gave us peace of mind that she was gaining. But if you don’t want the scale option I still loved having a wipe clean changing pad versus having to wash a changing pad cover. 
  • Diapers: We use disposable, honestly, I like the target brand diapers. They’re in expensive and they work. For my baby shower, we had a diaper raffle, which was great, because not only do you get a lot of diapers, but you get a lot of different brands, so you can find out what works best for your baby

    Wipes: My favorite wipes have been the water wipes, but they are a little pricey, so we usually just get target brand, but will definitely get a box of water wipes for the newborn stage.

    Diaper Rash treatment: Boudreaux’s butt paste. It works wonders

    Changing pad: We got a changing table/dresser, but honestly, we never use the changing table part. We use it like a shelf now. We change him on the bed, on the floor, wherever. I do recommend a travel changing station, because you never know where they’re going to need a diaper change
  • bows22bows22 member
    Oh yes, agreed with @reirei84 - if you have 2 floors either having a second changing area or just a diaper caddy with diapers/wipes/changing pad is so helpful. 
  • The diaper bag we got came with a changing pad, so between that and the one on the Pack N' Play, I hope we'll do okay. Space is an issue so we can't really have a permanent structure.

    Any opinions on Kirkland (Costco) diapers and fragrance-free wipes?
  • mia80mia80 member
    We used Huggies diapers and wipes for my son. We always buy at Costco and for some reason the Huggies wipes are cheaper than the Kirkland!

    Our crib has a change table attached and we use that all the time (he's too squiggly on the floor/bed, but stays put on the table). We also have a skip hop portable changing pad we keep in the car with a coue diapers and wipes. 
  • rcgwrcgw member
    Does anyone have swim diaper preferences/recommendations? I'm but going to cloth diaper regularly but the reusable cloth swim diapers seem like a good idea...but I'm hesitant. (Specifically considering the Green Sprouts brand, but any thoughts on general very welcome.)
  • We used reusable ones almost exclusively. I don't remember the brand but I think they are all pretty similar.
  • bows22bows22 member
    edited June 2022
    @rcgw we’ve only used the iPlay brand, I really liked them. I can’t really comment on how well they work because DD somehow never pooped in one, but I had no concerns that they wouldn’t hold it if she did. 

    Edit to add - I really liked using the reusable and at least with the ones we had, they looked like swim bottoms so I just had a couple of solid colors and found rash guards to match and didn’t worry about having a separate bathing suit bottom. Definitely saves a step 
  • @pangolindrome- We used Kirkland wipes and had zero issues. We still buy them even though DS is 5, we definitely still find reasons to use them. 

    DS had super sensitive skin. The only brand of diapers he could wear was the Target brand! We tried all these organic/fragrance free brands and he’s always end up with an awful rash 1-2 diapers in. We are moving away from our current area next month and currently target/Costco is right down the road. We will be close to a Walmart at our new house so my fingers are crossed that the baby won’t have the same issue 🤞
  • rcgwrcgw member
    @bows22 @krysnicole1022 THANKS!!! These were the exact opinions I needed. Thanks for sharing your mom wisdom. 😁
  • @rcgw none of them are good for pooping... I would just get really good at reading the signs. We also just matched the bottoms to a rash guard. They also end up with a lot of water in them and you have to pull out the leg hole to drain it. 
  • I have heard that the Keekaroo changing pad (and other similar) get stained easily and get very cold in the winter so you wind up using a changing pad/sheet on top - I am attracted to this kind because it seems low maintenance, but am confused on the mixed reviews.  Does anyone have the wipeable changing pads and what is your experience?
  • I've never used one without a cover. I usually use a cover and then an extra cloth on top that I can just toss into the laundry. 
  • bows22bows22 member
    @sandy5693 we have the hatch baby grow which is also a scale (long story but we needed that feature with DD) but I loved having a wipeable changing pad and will 100% be using it this time even though we hopefully won’t need the scale feature. We used it in the winter and I never noticed it being cold and it definitely wiped totally clean anytime it did get anything on it. 
  • We love our keekaroo and haven't had staining issues with it. It does get a bit cold if the room is cold but not too bad
  • Thank you all! Really appreciate your feedback :) 
  • Late to this party:
    We use Pampers Pure for diapers and wipes. My kids have super sensitive skin, and these have done well for us. 

    Aquaphor has served us well for the beginning of a rash, but Triple Paste is what we use if it gets worse. 
    My daughter had 2 stomach bugs at the same time, and we ended up having to do the “kitchen sink” as the doctor called it, which was equal parts desitin, Bacitracin, Lotrimin, and petroleum. 

    Swim diapers - we’ve been using huggies when they’re older because the sides are adjustable and they don’t hold much water, but have been very effective at keeping poop contained. I use reusable ones when they’re younger that have adjustable snaps for a better fit, without being super bulky. 
  • Late question incoming. We have 2 floors and have a keekaroo on top of our dresser in the nursery upstairs but I’m looking for ideas on either a portable foldable table with a caddy or somehow else you ladies change diapers when you’re on a different floor than the nursery so you’re not running up and down each time. FTM so all ears here! (We don’t have a bassinet so that option won’t work).
  • @mcclanna- I honestly never really use the changing table, it’s more for storage of extras. I would just keep a handful of diapers in a few spots in the house with wipes. If you are anxious about any accidents, you can throw a changing pad underneath your LO :) 

    I’m in the same boat, I have 2 stories and I’m not even bothering setting up DD’s room/nursery upstairs since she’ll be in our room for a year minimum. No point in going up and down the stairs all day just to change her! 
  • We usually keep a pack and play on the main floor and the baby is upstairs. With my c sections it's just easier to stand and change babies then have to bend. This time the baby is on the main floor so I'll just change him in his room until my incision feels better and then I'll throw a waterproof mattress pad (pillow fort at Target used to have great waterproof pads for cheap) on the couch and change there. I do actually use the changing pad in the middle of the night and after naps but I just throw the pad on top of a dresser or book case. 
  • We actually moved the changing table to the main floor, because that’s where we do 75% of changes. I’ve got too many small kids around to feel comfortable changing them not on a changing table for the first 6 months. My 2.5yo especially, is used to being around bigger kids, and has zero awareness of how to be around anyone smaller than 35lbs. 
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