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Please help! Femur measuring behind.

Hi mama’s! I had NIPT and AFP screening done earlier in my pregnancy that came back normal/low risk. I thought everything would be okay and I had nothing to worry about but I had an ultrasound scan at 16 weeks and then again at 18 weeks that showed baby’s femur was measuring weeks behind, below the 5th percentile. I googled and saw it’s a marker of Down syndrome or Dwarfism or that it could end up being nothing. I have a ultrasound with my doctor next Friday to check and see if there’s any other markers and to go from there. Has anyone had any experience with anything like this?

Re: Please help! Femur measuring behind.

  • lilswedlilswed member
    Google is not a pregnant woman’s friend! The hardest part is waiting- but the best answer you will get is from your doctor. 

    With my first we ended up having some of those worst case scenarios - she had open heart surgery at 5 days. It is very hard to wait for results, but worrying in between and looking up stuff online only made it worse. Focus on the truth- the tests came back low. Sometimes an ultrasound goes funky- wait to worry until there is something confirmed- and even then lean on your medical team for answers and steps forward.
  • Agree with @lilswed - researching isn't going to impact anything except your mental health. As hard as it is, focus on the things you can control right now (your sleep, your daily movement, etc.). Also, if it's really killing you, see if you can get your appointment moved up (again, something you may be able to control). Good luck XOXO
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