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Will Fast Food hurt the baby?

I am 8.5 weeks and all I have been craving is fried chicken. I have tried to go to less junky (?) options like restaurants instead of Popeyes - probably makes no difference! But in my mind - less chemicals?! Today I gave in to my specific craving for Popeyes tenders and mashed potatoes and now am worried I've done something that will hurt the baby's development. Any words of advice? Also- anyone give in to fast food cravings and still have a healthy pregnancy? 

Re: Will Fast Food hurt the baby?

  • I ate fast food all through my pregnancy. I gained a ton of weight, but my baby boy is awesome! 

    I’ve never heard that eating fast food hurts your baby, FWIW. 
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    I think as long as you’re not eating fast food for every single meal, you’ll be fine. Baby takes the nutrients they need, especially assuming you’re taking a prenatal vitamin. 
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  • The Bump has an article called "How Your Pregnancy Junk Food Cravings Affect Baby" that goes into this topic more.
  • I’m willing to bet that there are entire counties in which every living person is the product of a mama who indulged a great freakin’ burger from time to time during her pregnancy. You’ll both be just fine. 😊❤️
  • I ate so much taco bell with my 1st lol.
    She's a crazy happy 2 year old 
  • Thank you so much for all your thoughts! It makes me feel a bit relieved and less anxious. @annie_g the article you suggested is helpful - don't wanna go overboard for sure. 

    Much love and baby making / baby raising strength to you all.
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