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Most comfortable computer/office chair?

Pardon me for this wild topic. But since this is open talk... Also, I'm sure a lot of us sit in front of the computer doing photo touch up or something else for long hours every day and I've suffered long enough for a 4-year generic chair that used to be ok till one year ago.

Any leads? A friend recommends "Freedom Chair" from Humanscale. But I wonder if there're alternatives or better ones, especially from ones who can vouch from their personal experience.

Re: Most comfortable computer/office chair?

  • meggymemeggyme member
    Depending on your workplace they may have someone trained in ergonomics that can help. There are plenty of resources online as well and even a standard chair can often be adjusted to be far more ergonomic. Having your screen, keyboard and mouse positioned properly can help a ton as well.
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  • meggyme thank you for your suggestion
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  • @ariseimpact a friend of mine recommended getting an exercise ball to use as a chair. I was sceptical because... Tbh it sounded like hard work, and I had lower back pain and just want to be supported. But it's been amazing! I can't explain it. I'm 5'5 and I got a 65" ball on Amazon for around 30 bucks. I work long hours, too. It definitely helped my back. My only complaint is how very silly I look trying to get closer to the desk when I first sit down for the day... You'll see what I mean if you get one 😂
  • hws80622hws80622 member
    I second sitting on an exercise ball. It’s comfy and it also helps get the baby in the head down  position 
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