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COVID and Pregnancy

Sensitive Subject:

Have any of you been or know someone who had COVID or the vaccine before or during pregnancy, and their child had birth defects and/or was not viable throughout the duration of pregnancy? 🥺

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Re: COVID and Pregnancy

  • I had covid when I was 9 weeks pregnant, and then got the booster shot after I recovered. So far, the ultrasounds all show that baby is healthy. 
  • Please go somewhere else for your weird fishing expedition, either for actual research or (more likely) for anecdotes that you will use to bolster an already-formed opinion. COVID is extremely common. COVID vaccination is extremely common. Unfortunately, miscarriage is also super common. And birth defects, while rarer, still happen with some frequency. So it is very likely that some women will have either a COVID infection or the COVID vaccine and then go on to have a miscarriage or a baby born with a birth defect. Many women will also likely suffer bad outcomes after taking tylenol, exercising, or eating oranges. It doesn't mean one thing caused the other. 
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    BFP 10/5/2018 | EDD 6/14/2019
    Baby girl born 6/19/19

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    ER #3 5/19/2021 2R | 1M | 0F
    Estrogen Priming Antagonist:
    ER #4 7/10/2021 5R | 4M | 3F | 1B | 1 PGT-A Normal
    Duostim  (Standard Antagonist):
    ER #5 9/22/2021 13R | 11M | 8F | 5B | 2 PGT-A Normal, 1 low-level mosaic, 2 aneuploid
    ER #6 10/9/2021  9R | 6M | 4 F | 1B | 1 aneuploid
    FET #1  11/5/2021 | EDD 7/24/2022

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  • I had Covid during my second trimester (I don’t remember the week exactly). For the record I’m not vaccinated at all and had a very mild case (just a runny nose and sinus headache for two days, no fever or loss of senses) but so far my baby is doing great! She’s extremely active and has been growing beautifully. I know a lot of people that have had Covid or gotten vaccinated during pregnancy and it hasn’t caused any issues for them as far as they can tell. I hope this helps ease some worries 💕
  • I had Covid at 32 weeks pregnant. Me and baby are fine, I expect. I feel her move. I had the OG Covid in 2020. Not vaccinated. I had to test because I’m a nurse. Otherwise would have thought it was a different virus. Opted out of the daily aspirin
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