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3rd Trimester

Predicting if baby will be breech?

Hello, I'm only 17 weeks but wanted to ask 3rd tri folks. My baby has been in the same position the last 3 ultrasounds (I have more u/s due to high risk). They have described him as breech, but I know that doesn't mean much this early. However, it's not like he's flipping around back and forth either. He seems stuck, without a lot of room. I've been doing yoga and various stretches to make more space, reading Spinning Babies, etc. I also have an anterior placenta which I'm not thrilled about. I feel like everything is working against me for a unmedicated, vaginal birth. 

I know it's early, but that's exactly why I want to get ahead of any issues. Spinning Babies does recommend starting some things this early. Anyone have baby who was stubbornly breech in 2nd tri that eventually turned, and when?

Re: Predicting if baby will be breech?

  • meggymemeggyme member
    You have nearly 20 more weeks for baby to flip. Keep doing what you’re doing, but try not to stress about it. Ultimately it’s something you have no control over.
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  • There is so much time left - please don't stress about it, now.  If it makes you feel better continue doing what you are doing.  The reality is, you can't control what baby does.  
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  • lelkcotlelkcot member
    As the other posters have said you still have a long time to get baby to turn. Keep doing what you’re doing. Also, I don’t believe that having an anterior placenta should affect your ability to have an unmedicated vaginal birth.
  • greylgreyl member
    At 17 weeks the baby is still super tiny. Trust that there is plenty of time for him to move. They usually don’t even move head down until closer to third tri anyway. Also, just because they’re head down doesn’t mean you’ll get the exact birth you’re envisioning, just be prepared. 
  • FWIW, my friend had a head down baby some 3 days into her labor and 12 hours later baby was breech so you just never know.

    For the longest time my baby was sort of transverse with his head either towards my right hip or up towards my left ribs. My last ultrasound from a week ago (27+5 weeks) showed he's head down now and I haven't done anything to help him into that position.
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  • Don’t stress about it now.. my baby was head down the whole time and decided to be breech at 35 weeks. Babies sometimes have a mind of their own! 
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