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  • It could be a early sign it's a girl I've heard they have higher heart beats I'm 9 weeks 4 days and our baby's heart rate is 175!
  • hspghspg member
    @maltipoomom I'm due 12/10 also!
  • First ultrasound yesterday at 7wks3days and measuring right on track! There's only one in there but the ultrasound tech saw a little sliver of a second tiiny empty sack. Has that ever happened to anyone else?

  • My due date is December 4th as well🥰 congrats
  • katpagekatpage member
    edited May 2022
    We had our first ultrasound on Tuesday! I’m 10 weeks now and due Dec 17. We’ve been saying our little babe looks like a hamster in this picture lol

    Edit- I can’t figure out how to add the picture :(
  • Loving all these ultrasound pics!!
    I had mine yesterday at 8w1d but was measuring 8w4d. The heart rate was 179 and I saw it do a little wiggle. My due date was changed to Christmas Day.

    I can’t figure out how to post a picture 😕
  • k_rodk_rod member

    I had mine this past Wednesday! Our first child 🥹 measuring 7w6d which is just a day off from what I thought was 8 weeks. Heart beat 174 and due date is 12/28. Next appointment is around 12 weeks so fingers crossed everything continues to develop normally 🤞🏻
  • Baby was measuring 9w5d, but doc said we’re gonna go with my date of 10w2d since I knew my exact dates of my last period. All it well and baby wiggles a ton. I laughed so hard. I’m 10w6d today, so were moving right along over here!
  • First ultrasound at 8.5 weeks. Baby measured 9 weeks. Wiggling and hanging upside down.
  • shayyy96shayyy96 member
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    I had my first ultrasound on 5/12 at 8w2d! Everything looked good and my little bean even had a heartbeat of 165! My EDD is 12/22 ❤️ 
  • @beanspud1990 Such a great picture!!

  • NIPT and NT US are all good at 12+1, and still measuring 2 days ahead. Little ladybird is ready for the 2nd trimester…and so is her Mama 😅
  • korymjkorymj member
    12+5!! Any guesses boy or girl? 

  • Had my 12 week scan at 12+2. Baby is measuring right on track. Next appointment is at week 16. I already can’t wait. 
  • Got to see our sweet babe yesterday for the first time! Everything looked good on the ultrasound and HR 164! I’m 12 weeks today, just sent off the kit for the NIPS 
  • 12 weels 2 Days here with Baby number 2! My Son is 11 in August so quite a large age gap! Any nob guesses???? :blush:

  • 12 week ultrasound 145 heart rate. I'm so in love! Baby is stubborn and faced my spine most of the time but we finally got it to turn! Gender is still a mystery until August but I'm feeling girl 😊 I'll be excited either way this is my first!
  • Excited to start seeing some anatomy ultrasound pics on here soon! Mine is scheduled a month out so I'll be 20 weeks but I imagine some people are scheduled for one at 18 or 19 weeks?? 
  • @maltipoomom I can’t wait! Mine is about 2 1/2 weeks away at week 18. 

  • Little lady going strong at 17+0!
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