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COVID exposure

Welp, yesterday my husband tested positive for COVID after waking up with a bunch of symptoms. I packed a bag and left the house. I'm quarantining in a friend's spare bedroom. Rapid testing daily -- negative so far, but still in the incubation window.

I'm doing a decent job of not freaking out, but I'm screaming on the inside and figured it might help to share what I'm going through. 

Case rates are going up all over and I'm curious if anyone else is in a similar situation.

Re: COVID exposure

  • @silverholly8 it is totally possible to dodge we had a few cases the last week in the nursing home I work at. Each time I was exposed thankfully never caught it. I’ve never had covid despite working in health care through out the pandemic. My 6 year old son caught it obviously it’s impossible to isolate him and I still never caught it. It’s worrying especially when you are pregnant so I think distancing your self is the best decision 
  • I got covid. I am vaccinated and boosted. I work at a hospital as a nurse so I can't avoid being near covid. I think with me puking everyday and loosing 23lbs in the 1st trimester, my immune system was not happy. I'm on day 6 of covid and I feel like I'm going to get better in the next few days. I had a cough, fever, stuffed sinuses, and GI issues. I was able to reduce the fever quickly with Tylenol and not using an excessive amount of blankets. The fever was my biggest concern for baby. I also have had pedialyte and lots of vitamin C every day since finding out I had covid.  My oxygen never dropped thankfully. 

    I currently just have a cough and stuffed sinuses. I don't think it was that bad for me and I am recovering. 

    My friend told me that his sister had covid twice in 2020 with her pregnancy and she and the baby are healthy. 

    I hope my story helps you feel a bit more at ease with your situation. Getting sick during pregnancy is definitely a scary thing but your body is strong and can get you through a lot of things ❤️
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  • My friend is due any second and had Covid earlier in her pregnancy. Thank goodness she and baby are ok! Scary, but likely will be ok.
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  • I do think isolating yourself is a smart move, and yes you may avoid it. But, I'd like to just offer you some words of encouragement for if you do get sick.

    I just got over covid a couple of weeks ago. I caught it at 12 weeks pregnant. I am fully vaccinated and received a booster shot in December. Honestly, I have had colds that were worse. I was sick for maybe 2-3 days, with fatigue, headache, sore throat, sinus pain, a bit of a stuffy nose and a low grade fever on one of the nights that tylenol took care of. My husband and one year old both got sicker that I did, but still short lived and mild symptoms for the both of them. I know this is not everyone's experience, but all in all it was not so bad for us and we were all fully recovered within a few days.

    If you do get sick definitely contact your provider and let them know. I was told to take regular Tylenol (not cold and sinus) to treat symptoms, lots of fluids and rest, and drink homemade teas made with ginger, lemon, honey and garlic if you can stand the garlic. My midwife is sending me for a few extra ultrasounds toward the end of my pregnancy just to check on the condition of the placenta, bloodflow and growth of the baby. I'm grateful for the extra monitoring but really not worried as I was barely sick, and as I understand it the risk of any problems is still low. It's just that the effects of covid in pregnancy are still being studied so providers are exercising their due diligence.

    I know it can be a scary situation but I hope this helps! Whatever happens you will get through this <3
  • Update: I've rapid tested negative for 5 days since exposure, so I most likely avoided infection. My husband is doing much better, but I'm going to wait until day 10 to return home just to be safe.
  • @silverholly8 that’s great news, and I’m glad your husband is feeling better, too!
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