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Baby sleep in same room as you?

I'm starting my second trimester and starting to look more into things to begin prepping and my husband and I make plans for the baby. I keep getting concerned about SIDS, and the baby getting a flat head (there is a med term for that but I can't spell it, sorry), and all things included. My question is: did you have your babies crib or bassinet in the same room with you in the beginning? If so why? and If not, did they have there own room and you just had a baby monitor? We'd prefer the other room with the baby monitor but I want to do whats best for our baby of course. -- So I'm curious what other moms have done in the past or are doing now. 

Re: Baby sleep in same room as you?

  • We just had baby #3 a few weeks ago. With our first we did crib right away with baby monitor. With #2 and 3 we did bassinet for a week in our room and than moved to crib with monitor. Only reason is because #2 and 3 were C-section babies and our babies rooms were upstairs and didn’t want to do stairs that first week.
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    Thank you for replying. That makes me feel a lot better. I understand why hospitals recommend in the same room sleeping, I mean SIDS risk is serious, but I literally don't think I've ever seen it done unless it was necessary due to spacing. -- I know we have to do what we feel is best but it really helps to hear from others. Thank you.
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  • We have the bassinet in our room directly next to me on the side of the bed. I have a lot of anxiety and feel better knowing he is right next to me. He is currently 8w and I plan to keep him in our room for at least 6mo if possible. Granted, he sleeps pretty good at night (right now at least) so idk if I would feel differently if we had trouble sleeping that way.
  • We plan on having the baby in a bassinet in our room for as long as he needs feeding during the night (6 months to a year?). I’m not especially concerned about SIDS, but why make ourselves get all the way up and go to a different room to feed him multiple times a night? For us, it seems much simpler to keep him nearby. We also have a changing area in our room for nighttime diaper changes.

    Granted, this is our first baby, and we’ll be flexible if it turns out this doesn’t work for us.
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  • 11 week old baby and we set up a bed in the nursery for now. I sleep with her in there. Way easier to get up and respond for diaper changes and midnight feeds when I am right there next to her. Agree with the other mamas posts that everyone does things different. For me, the longer it takes for me to rouse, get other, and get her what she needs to be comforted….the more worked up she gets and the harder it is to get her back down.

    This method seems to be working, because she sleeps a minimum four hours, and up to seven hours straight at night already. Wayyyyy better than what I was expecting at 11 weeks. I honestly think she knows I am there when she really needs me, now after weeks of responding so quickly. So when she wakes up naturally she is now able to fall back asleep on her own without crying or fussing, obviously if she is wet or poopy it’s a different story and she lets me know! Haha
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    My son is 12 weeks and he currently sleeps in his bassinet in our room. The AAP recommends room sharing to decrease the risk of SIDS. I personally plan on keeping him in our room for atleast 6 months.
  • Room sharing (but not bed sharing) is recommended for at least the first 6 months to reduce the risk of SIDS.
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