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Wipe warmer waste or great?

I keep hearing that wipe warmers are a waste but I think they are genius. However I’ve never needed one as I’m due with my first. So I’m looking for opinions and your reason why you like or dislike them.  This is much appreciated! 

Re: Wipe warmer waste or great?

  • Hi! I thought that a wipe warmer would revolutionize changing my daughter but it didn’t. She still was very unhappy during changes and a friend pointed out that when you’re out and about and have to change baby you won’t have the warmer. My best advice is to use your hands to warm the wipe a bit and save your money 
  • I had a wipes warmer with my son. It didn’t do much for us. Other than dry out the wipes. I always had to replace the foam piece under the wipes (it helped keep the moister in the wipes) a lot. It was nice but needed. Also, my son is 7 now. So they may have improved them a lot in 7 years. 
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  • Waste in our household (number 3 on the way).
  • bb_hbb_h Newbie
    I’m still TTC my first, but I would say a waste for sure. It’s a brief moment in time, less than a blip in their life that a room temperature wipe touches their bottom - and they won’t remember it anyways. You won’t have it while out and about. Save the money and start a tax free savings account for them. Each time you could “waste” money on this and that, take it and put it there. You’ll have a college fund or wedding fund sooner than you can blink.
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