IVF Cycle and Lupron Not Working?

Hi everyone,
I’m 40 years old and my husband and I have been TTC for 4 years. After 3 failed IUI cycles, I’m now about a month into my first IVF cycle in preparation for a FET. I started on the BCP and then Lupron. Last week I had an appt for bloodwork and they said that my estrogen levels were still too high and to stay on Lupron for one more week. Today I was tested again and sadly the estrogen levels are still too high and now the Lupron dose is being increased to double and will test again in 5 days. I was advised that we will have to cancel this cycle if the levels don’t go down by then. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? It’s so hard to get any insights from the nurses that call (I understand they are really just the messengers and can only share so much). I would really appreciate any guidance.


  • Hi- I’m 39 & Yes I’ve had plenty of cycles cancelled due to high estrogen. I know it can be tough b/c your so ready to start & move to the next stage of ivf. For me, what eventually got me to next stage was a priming w/ Estrace & Progesterone pills. Then added Ganirelex the last 4-5 days of priming. I was on the Micro Lupron dose protocol. I was successful w/ embroys, 2 made it thru blast however both were PGT testers and abnormal. This cycle we have opted to do less medicine w/ only Estrace to prime & my baseline was perfect to start. I think I’m doing the antagonists protocol now, 300-375 Follistim, 150 Menopur & Ganirelex the last 5 days of stimming. This resulted in 7 eggs being retrieved, 4 were mature, 2 fertilized & now I’m just waiting to see if those 2 make it thru for PGT testing. It’s a journey but it’s worth it to have a baby.

    Good Luck 
    37F, DH36
    Low AMH, Mild Adenomyosis, Breast Cancer Survivor
    IVF#1 10/24/18 ER 15R, 10M, 7F, 2 BLAST, 1 D5: BB boy (PGT)
    FET#1 12/08/20 cancelled due to lining

    FET#2 February 2021 BFN

    IVF#2-4 2021 Antagonist Protocol cancelled, poor responder and high estrogen 

    IVF#5 December 2021 Micro Dose Lupron Protocol, 7ER, 2M, 2F, 2BLAST, 2PGT, abnormal

    IVF#6 January 2022 Micro Dose Lupron Protocol, cancelled, poor responder


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